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Question Needing help after move

I'm new to this forum, but not new to the fish world.
While we were stationed overseas, I gotten into fish tanks (freshwater), had a total of 7 at the end ranging all sizes and I LOVED them, all were set up with real plants rather then plastic.

Now my problem began when we moved back home (TN) while I have a fairly brought knowledge of keeping fish by now, I have a hard time adjusting to the products I find over here and/ or find a GOOD source to find the fish I love at.

I had bought me 2 new 55g tanks when we got here, so far (shame on me) they are still sitting EMPTY in a corner of my house.
To start them apart from your usual stuff, I am looking to find good plants (no luck at stores so far) and then of cause fish.
I loved my Cory's & Killie's & CPOs, I'm not too much into large community tanks with your 'usual' platy, guppy's, molly's etc.

So where to you guys find your stuff??? Online some place??? Anyone here from TN?

I'd appreciate any help
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Hello Angel079 and welcome to the forum.

Hope you have luck finding some good fish stores in your area! I buy a lot online, because the stores in my area have a limited selection.

*You can check the classifieds here, someone usually has some type of plants for sale.

Here are some of the online places I buy from...

Kens Fish Home of Quality Fish Food, And Supplies At Excellent Prices. (where I get most of my fish food, great prices) - Sell or buy aquarium related equipment and fish in an auction format! (much like Ebay, but all fish related)

Aquarium Supplies, Pet Supplies and Pond Supplies by That Fish Place - That Pet Place

Fish Supplies: Fish Tank & Fish Care |

Aquarium Supplies | Pet Solutions

#1 Big Als Aquarium Supplies. Bargain Prices On Fish Supplies: Fish Tanks, Stands, Decorations, Accessories

Frank's Aquarium-Freshwater Crustaceans, Hillstream Fishes, Gobies, and more (great seller for the hard to find fish)

Hope that helps some.
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Wow - Thanks for all the links to check out!!!

No to say they'd have a "limited" selection here would be an overstatement, that's why I came here to see where you all shop at.

So far all stores I went to, I couldn't find a single fish of the one's I like, much less CPO's and alike for that matter
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google for a shop or something, i live in BFE myself but have a nice lfs about 45 mins away. are you in the military?? if so Welcome home and god bless ya. but anyways id have to say google would be your best bet to find a "online fish store" web has some crazy rare fish for sale you just gotta dig is all. Money
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At first I kept hoping to find something around here, to support a local business rather then online BUT after all it seems that's the way I gotta go unless I want Guppies & Plastic plants

Used to be military yes, medically discharged now.
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or you could always go to a lake or pond as it sounds like there are more of those than stores around ya lol. catch a bluegill or two and throw them in. those suckers are super aggressive and can get pretty big. just a suggestion though.
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Naw that's ok Mitch, I'll stick to my org plan
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You know, y'all really gave me some VERY helpful hints where to get my supply & fish from and just by reading posts here and trying to help some other folks out with what I learned I'm more then ever anxious to get the new tanks set up.
I really enjoy this forum, thanks everybody!!!
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Glad to hear it!
I love setting up new tanks! So much fun!
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I know and i have PLENTY of ideas from the last couple tanks I had to leave let's hope "only" setting up 2 new tanks will be enough room for all the ideas

....I still do have this dream about the fish tank room you know....
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