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need suggestions and advice please

OK, Ive been bitten by the fish bug--bad. LOL.

Please forgive me for the novel below and understand that I am new to this and want to end up with an enjoyable and healthy hobby.Im not against learning things, I try to learn new things everyday-I believe that is the correct way to go through life.

I started with ONE Betta in a ten gallon tank. Now I have a DIFFERENT Betta in a gallon ( lost the first one ), a Paradise in a 2.5 gallon and a Rainbow Shark, two Corys, two Neon Tetras-had more but lost them due to me being a noob and having bad luck, three Serpea Tetras, and two Mystery Snails in a 10 gallon and THEN a new 29 gallon tank with no fish in it--just started a fishless cycle with all new stuff.

My plans are to get the 29g up and running and transfer the shark and the tetras into it, then move the Paradise into the 10g with the two Corys--maybe add another Cory?, and put the Betta in the 2.5g.

My questions are ;

Can I put the shark and the tetras in the 29g all at one time after it cycles or should I do them seperately? Recommended method as to not kill any of them?

How many Corys can I put in with the Paradise ? Or would he be better off in the 29g? Im scared that he would be too agressive and kill/eat my Tetras. I do know that he needs a bigger tank than he is in now though. I was given bad info when I purchased him and the Shark and didnt know better.

Can I put anything in with the male Betta in the 2.5g or should I leave him alone? It now has a heater and a Red Sea Nano filter--cool little HOB filter BTW.

What else could I add to the 29g later?

All of the tanks will have some water Sprite floated on the top.

Are Mystery Snails a bad thing to have in a tank? I see some posts about out of control snail populations that scare me a little.

Im open for suggestions. My goal is to have 3 tropical tanks with as many fish as they can support and still have healthy and happy fishes. I also want to try to keep the tanks as low maintenance as possible. Water changes and gravel vac is no big deal, I just dont want to do it EVERY DAY-lol. The only fish I am attached to are the Paradise, the Betta, the Corys and the Rainbow Shark. I wouldnt be against getting rid of the Neons and/or the Serpeas if someone has a better suggestion. The Neons are pretty but seem to not be very hardy/durable. The Serpeas are kind of mean to the Neons.

Thanks in advance.
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Both corys and tetras need to be in schools of 6+ and serpaes are semi-aggresive, i had some serpeas with neons glowlights and white skirt tetras they killed all the glolights half the neons and just one of the white skirts. If you are going to keep tetras I would choose one or the other.

Your rainbow shark will get up to 6inches and will become very territorial, i have seen a red tailed shark being kept in a 35l, there was a common pleco and a selection of tetras and platys, the only thing left alive after about a week of him being put in the tank was the pleco. Rainbows reqire a tank of at least 200l (about 50g) and plenty of caves.

The betta will be fine in the 2.5g, not too sure what else you could put in a 2.5g.

The pardise fish will require a 70l tank although i have read about people breeding them in a 40l so he should be ok in the 29g, but they can be aggresive and if it is a male he will not tolerate other males being in the same tank as him, i would personally keep a pair of paradise fish.
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