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Need Stocking Ideas For 75 Gallon Tank

i am looking for some stocking ideas for my 75g tank. my other 55g tank has platys, harlequin rasboras, and pygmy cories in it, so i want something different.

the 75 has a sand bottom, silk plants.
i would like some cories or other bottom feeders.

my water is soft and has a PH of 7.8+. i am using 2 emperor 280 power filters, 560 GPH.

here is a pic of the tank:
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golden wonder killies are cool.

60 gallon
1 black ghost knife
4 black skirt tetras
2 zebra danios
1 algae eater
1 golden killifish
1 bamboo shrimp (MIA)
2 albino cory cats
3 tiger barbs

29 gallon (brackish)
1 Balloon and 10ish babies
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For cories... I say

Corydoras axelrodi (Pink corydoras)

As for other fish, maybe some gouramis (blue, or pearl, or dwarfs), or maybe swordtails, perhaps some kind of rainbowfish?
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cories i was thinking 4 of 3 different varieties. something like emeralds, pandas, and peppered.
rainbowfish i was thinking of 12 preacox.
swordtails are definetly livebearers.
gouramis not too sure about.
i need a center piece fish, like ram or severum. only i read that rams dont like cories.
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