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Need help with PH Levels.....

I got the sump mostly figured out and I was hoping to get my fish in the tank this weekend so I did a water check with my kit and my PH was at 8, the water supply is only at about 6.5 or so, I have both soft water and hard water, the soft water supply's ph level is about perfect but after putting it in my tank and putting the salt and the water safe stuff in my tank the PH showed 8.
So this time I emptied the tank again, filled with the non soft water, checked PH and it was at 7.8, put the water safe stuff in, PH stayed the same, added a little salt, waited for it to mix with the water, and so far it's holding at 7.8.... My water PH is a little over 6 with the soft water and 6.5 with the hard water. I did a lot of reading and I did add some coral gravel to my tank, I think it was about 20 lbs out of 150lbs... Could that be my problem or should I try this pillow thing I picked up at the fish store?

I'm a newbie.

Thanks in advance
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I appologize, but i'm having a very difficult time following the question.

The first thought that comes to mind.... if the pH in your tap is testing lower than the pH in your aquarium, then you probably have excess CO2 in your tap, causing the tap reading to not be an accurate reflection of the waters hardness and pH. When the CO2 dissipates, the pH rises.
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Do not know what PH you are trying to achieve. Many fish can and will adapt to differing PH values as long as PH is stable. If you are attempting to adjust PH for particular fish it might be wise to do so slowly. Coral will affect your PH.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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I'm trying to get it down to 6.0 or close to
The tank i currently have setup is at 6.2, and I need to move them to the new tank soon.
I don't want to drain and change the gravel out but If I have to I guess I will.

I also added a bunch of bog wood
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I just checked the PH again and it's back to 8.0
I added the water softener pillow and some PH down chems last night; they made no difference, should I replace the gravel or not worry about it?
It's about $60 to replace the gravel...
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I let some tap water sit on the counter for a while and then tested it, the ph went up to 7.8.
So I decided that the tank is setup enough, I added two of my biggest fish to test the waters.
I have been feeling sorry for them in that little 55gallon.
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I still have no idea what advice you are asking for. What are you trying to accomplish? What types of fish? What tank size? etc etc
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How to lower PH, what could be causing it, should I even worry about it...
Fresh water, 90gal with a 30gal+ sump. Loaches, bala shark, Pico... sucker fish.., Red tail sharks... Some other fish I don't know the names, the current tank has a 6.2 ph level, the new tank I'm setting up has a 8.0... Are my fish going to die?

I hope that makes more sense.
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To lower your pH back to near where it would be from the tap, you will need to get the coral out of the tank. Coral will drive the pH quite high when it is present in small amounts. Some people will suggest coral if you are trying to get a high pH and have a low pH tap water source but if you want to keep it low, don't put the coral in the tank.
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Ghreed is correct.

There is NO point in trying to add anything to bring your pH down if you have coral substrate. Coral is intended for saltwater and African Rift Lake tanks. No matter what chemicals you add you won't succeed in bringing your pH down.

So the answer is yes, you do need to change the substrate. What is the other substrate you are using in your tank?
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