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Need help with ph

New 55 gal set-up. Ph is reading numerous times at 7.6 No fish yet. Need to get it a little lower for some the the fishes I would like to keep. I am using API test kit. Should I try to stay with their product line? Should it be lowered slowly? This is new to me. Thanks, Diane
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i will ask one of the mods to move this for you,
then you hopefully will get the help you need.
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Thanks a bunch. I noticed that I posted in the Wrong place and have been looking for a way to move it.
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I wouldn't recommend using chemicals to lower your pH- they tend to cause instabilities in the long run. There are lots of great natural ways to lower pH- driftwood and peat moss being two of them.
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Okiemavis speaks the truth. Driftwood works great!

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I am cycling now and have added 2 large pieces of driftwood. Thanks all for the info.
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The amount of tannic acids leached by driftwoods however gradually lessens. There is no need for you to lower the pH. Your fish are most likely domestically bred so it is not a problem as they tend to adapt to various water conditions in the long run. Wild caught specimens however are another story.

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