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Need help choosing what fish to put in a 29 gallon tank??

Hey i need some help choosing what fish to put in a 29 gallon tank.I know that i want some pleco's so they have to go with them and possibly mollies i like them to.It has alot of filtration but right now its cycling and i have a few small fish in it.These are going to go to my 15 gallon.Also if you know of plants the fish go with i would like to know thanks!
-taylor :D
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Apart from the plecos, do you have any idea what you would like?

I have a tank roughly the same size as yours, and here's what I have in mine at the moment.

13 neon tetras
8 black phantom tetras
1 red platy
2 plecos (ancistrus sp.3)
1 gold ram
1 blue ram
4 corydoras sterbai
2 guppys

You might want to consider getting some fish for each level of the tank, i.e. bottom, middle and top dwellers.


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some plecos can get big. what kind of pleco did you want? a school of tetras would be nice.
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Right now i have a common pleco that will outgrow my 10&&30 gallon but my dad at his house has a 90 gallon that has not many fish and he said that my large plco would go well in his tank?

And that tank of yours sounds good maybe i should get something like that!

thanks :D
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Thats great that you have plans for the pleco! Being but seriously. It all depends what you like. There are Neon tetra's, well once the tank has been established for a few months, There are MANY options! Mollies, platy's, cardinal tetras, neons, danios, there's an unlimited list!

55 Gallon:1 Baby Bristlienose,1 Swordtail, 1 Bala Shark, 2 Common Pleco, 2 Clown Loaches, 2 angel fish,3 (look a like) rasbora Tetra's, 4 Black Skirt Tetra's, 4 Long-finned Gold Zebra Danios, 4 Cardinal Jumbo Tetra's,6 Red Eye Tetra's, 7 neon tetra's
10 Gallon Nano Reef:1 Chocolate Starfish, many snails...Work is in progress...err
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Hey i'm buying a 55 gallon tank from wall mart this month prolly cuz ive read buy the biggest you can afford and thats the most i can afford im only 16 xD

ps-haha 158.99 us

10 gallon filled with fish
55 gallon waitng to cycle
Cichlids here i come!

Look at my tank Taylor's 55 Gallon Wonder under "Track My Tank"
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