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Need assistance with 35 Gallon aquarium

We currently have 2 tanks in our house, a 55 gallon and a 35 gallon tank. Our 55 gallon tank is running very nicely. we have cichlids, bala sharks, a silver fin catfish, a large pleco, and a chinese algae.

Our 35 gallon tank is really giving us trouble though. It was set up back in October and ran very smoothly until the end of December. There are 11 Guppies, 3 danios, 3 gourami, a Platy, and a chinese algae. We do a 20% water change every friday. We add a little aquarium salt after every water change. There is a moss ball in the tank, a 30-50 gallon whisper filter. We have a couple fake plants and a decent sized roman styled bubble decoration. Our water was very clear and water tested fine. Now the water is extremely cloudy, sometimes green. It almost changes every 2 days from clear to cloudy. We continuously test the water, the nitrates are a little high. We have tried the drops Petsmart recommended, even tried the tablets. We did another water change... still high. Seems like no matter what we try we end up with the same water results. We have lost 5 guppies, 2 danios, a platy, and a gourami over the last 3 weeks....

What do I need to do to get this tank running as smooth as the larger tank?
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What are the drops your adding for? Most the time its a bad idea to add any chemical to adjust water perimeters in a tank because it stress out the fish which can kill them.

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I'd humbly suggest that you're nitrates are a little high consistently because you're stocked fairly heavily, even more so if the gourami are anything larger than the Dwarf Gourami. If it's a Three Spot or the like, that's three pretty large fish for a tank that size. Can you let us know what sort of gourami we're dealing with then?

I'd be testing daily and doing appropriate water changes until you get it figured out. Also, how are you testing? Strips or drops?

I'd also (off topic) suggest that your 55g is overstocked as well. Balas get big, and even if they aren't now, will get that way fast. You're setting yourself up for heartbreak there. Ditto if the pleco is a Common Pleco as your describing it as "large" suggests to me.

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