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Exclamation need advice please. 29 gallon tank / found male guppy dead

I have 4 female guppys and 2 are pregnant an 1 male they all seemed fine I have been leaving the light on cause i have yet to get a heater but i am going today i came home from work decided to turn the light off an usually the temperature is always at 75 degrees no less but foun my male guppy dead on my filter so 1 do females get aggresive when pregant and might have attacked and killed him or 2 the tempature went down to about 72 when the light was off so could the change been the cause or 3 could my filter have sucked him on the tube and killed him? like I said I am going to get a heater asap but I just wanna know peoples opinions thanks alot
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1 - it probably wasn't a female that killed it. There are just soooo many reasons fish die, it's rare that you can so easily link the cause without any evidence.

2 - the lower end of guppies preferred temp range is in the 60s. A drip from 75 to 72 probably didn't kill it.

3 - the filter definitely didn't kill it. The fish either died and was collected by the filter or was in the process of dying and too weak to escape the pull of the filter, and died shortly thereafter.

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that's crazy my ph level was perfect did a water test and it came out good who knows lol thx anyways
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Originally Posted by sleeper69 View Post
that's crazy my ph level was perfect did a water test and it came out good who knows lol thx anyways
What were the actual numeric results for the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate tests? Were you using a liquid test kit or dipsticks?
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I got the liquid test kit with the suction cups but now I noticed my glofish is chasing my guppies around most likely stressing them out.
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female aggression , heater problem , temperature

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