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Cichlids. Duh. 34 30.36%
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Bala Sharks 14 12.50%
Tinfoil Barbs 6 5.36%
1 Male Betta 6 5.36%
100 Neon Tetras 23 20.54%
Rainbowfish 13 11.61%
Goldfish 4 3.57%
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Originally Posted by twocents View Post
well on the way to becoming a record buster..
'call Guiness'?
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To funny cant wait to see if Houdini shows up
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this thread is really taking on a life of its own.

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two cents
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lol those are great pics of you and jodie. i would be wondering where the heck your catfish is too. lol. i remember the video that you took trying to find it. lol. crafty little buggers. one of mine likes to chill in the lava rock. he is a sly little devil :P

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It's funny, the two I can find are the striped, but I can't find the spotted. The last time I saw him was when he was released from the bag.

I just hope the night vision comes in clear enough to see him. He is mostly black, except for his spots.

He isn't in the video we originally made of the catfish, because he was already hiding.

Jakie, what kind of food did you use to lure them out at night? I was going to use a couple of algae wafers.

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And this is one of the reasons I'm not fond of catfish... They love this disappearing act. But I hope that camera does catch him!

Originally Posted by Termato View Post
If I had a 220 Gallon tank, and this is in response to your pole, I would do a 220 Gallon replication of the Amazon. That's my dream tank. I just had a warm up on it. Hard.

I would stock it with the main fish being Discus. Cory Catfish and maybe 2-3 other kinds of catfish including some kind of pleco. Bolivian Ram. and a nice school of something tetra or other fish.


I love Amazon style tanks.
Haha! That's what I would do with a 220 gal! Discus and tetra and cories! Instead of a pleco I'd probably go with a farlowella instead.
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I just used ordinary Algae disks. Try to drop them right out in the front if you are going to video tape and it might take a while... you have several large cats in there. He should smell them tho and come out if he's hungry even if it is just to swim by... you may have to waste a few disks or over feed the others tonight just to see if you can get him to come out. Sit quiet in front of the tank... I checked my video... took him 5 and a half minutes to come out.... and 20 seconds later he was gone. Took an algae disc right off of a large Pleco. I tried to upload the video but I think it's too long. Wish I knew how to cut it down.
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Here's a link to the video. It's incredibly grainy... go to 5:15 and watch for about 30 seconds.

MOV04636.mp4 video by Jakiebabie1 | Photobucket
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LOL! That's fantastic, Jakie! You're so clever. . . I love the little satisfied laugh you give when you see the sneaky little guy come out of hiding *giggle*
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LOL. Thanks!! Satisfaction!! The Pleco and the Raphael got to a size that the Raphael would get really aggressive and I sold him first. By that time it was just an aggravation to the tank. The Pleco was more peaceful but it also went a few months later. I learned from my Big Al's that those big Plecos that people sell back to the store get "rented" to people with ponds in the summer and then they take them back in for the winter. They have a ton of huge ones in a tank together in the winter. Funny eh?
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