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Originally Posted by marshallsea View Post
Are you using the API LIQUID water test? It won't show 0 ammonia completely. Mine never totally matches 0.
Mine does, unless the tank I'm testing is cycling. I've heard a lot of people say that though.
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Originally Posted by Juggernaut122 View Post
Yes, that is what I am using.

It never went down completely to the yellow - figured with no fish and everything else completely normal, that it must be a little mismatched...

I will keep checking the tank - any way to work with the current fish if the tank is overstocked or is the only option to reduce the number of fish?

I think a 10g is way too small for 2 mollies , but I don't have a lot of stocking experience. Go to and check out the stocking calculator

Consider the needs of your fish before acting on your desires.
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Originally Posted by Juggernaut122 View Post
I was going by the 1 inch of fish per gallon - the fish are about 3 inches each. I know people debate about his approach.

We did just add 4 danios which I was told would only be about 1 inch when fully grown...which would make the 10 inches for 10 gallons.
I hate this rule. People always forget the part about it only applying to small shoaling fish. Mollies aren't that. Male Poecilia sphenops get 3 inches, females get closer to 5. Poecilia latipinna is 5 inches for males and 4 for females. Poecilia velifera reaches 6 inches for males and 7 for females. Bigger fish have bigger bioloads, so in short mollies pretty much need a 29 gallon or larger. The 29 gallon only even works for P. latipinna. The other two species need slightly bigger.

Some danios will reach slightly over an inch, usually around 1.2. Most danios are just too active for a 10 gallon. Not sure what species you have, but even the zebra danio can reach two inches and needs a 20 gallon.
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You never specified what brand of water conditioner you're using. Not all conditioners are created equal. Prime and Amquel-Plus detoxify ammonia as well as treating chlorine/chloramine. I'm sure there are others.

Chloramine (which your water company most likely uses) is split into chlorine and ammonia by the water conditioner. The chlorine is dealt with somehow (Please chime in if you can explain how.) And the ammonia is turned into harmless ammonium. Not all conditioners do both treatments.
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