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im not even going to try to watch it because im on my work computer.. yea.. im still at work which sucks .. but whatever.. and $2 for the puffer.. SICK! i always wanted one, specificly a red-eye but never saw one in all the lfs ive been into.. except saltwater guys.. and im not going to order him online..i never order online.. its just a personal thing because im scared my little fisheees will not arive alive and ill get screwed with them dead even tho everyone claims all these guarentees..idk like i said its something i avoid, guess ill have to keep my eyes peeled and as for the background.. it doesnt take much arts and crafty-ness to throw up something.. even if its temporary..i mean im sure you can get super crazy and make something insane.. but whats wrong with attaching a plain blue bed sheet or plain black.. theres not much to it! just think outside the box.
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well, I working on a wallpaper...I dont think it looks to

As for the puffer, My mom said she got him at a small pet shop
Hes really cool in the tank, He pops in and out of one my little caves

And as for a puffer, maybe look at a walmart, I find alot of weird misplaced fish there, allthought It could hurt your tank if you did :(

well, And ordering fish online, I would look at a place that delivers from only a state away or someting
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yea thats not a bad idea about ordering from a near by state.. but idk im still iffy on online fish ordering.. just my personal opinion.. and i hope this doesnt offend any one but IMHO about the fish at/from walmart.. id rather grab something living out of a johnny on the spot then purchase a fish from walmart, atleast the walmart by me. but again thats just me. and good luck with that background! :D you know you could always put live taller plants back there and when there really get going growing it would be a natural backround.. idk like i said be creative and the background possibilities are endless.
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I would agree , add your fish slowly. You have 60 gal and few fish. The biological bacteria has developed in proportion to the fish. adding too many fish too soon would not allow beneficial bacteria time to catch up so to speak. Also research your fish online and try to see that they will get along and can thrive in your water conditions .Some fish require different temperatures etc. Good Luck :D

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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You should add more tiger barbs first. And you must be careful with what kind of fish you add... Puffers will destroy your fish.

Lol oh my... How much money did you make for your 5 gallon? Enough to buy a 60 gallon? Looks good.

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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yeah, Ordering online is a little odd, what state are you in?I can help you with that becuase I order things off of websites often
And yeah the background, Im thinking up ideas
Yes, walmart fish are most likly bad, they misplace them, or there sick, etc

thanks, I do read things up on google, etc

How will the puffer destroy them? my Mom said it was a peaful fish, and I google it and says peaceful

Oh, and the 5 gallon didnt get only got me 1/10 of the money I needed to get the 60 gal and all the stuff
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I'm not sure exactly which specie of puffer you're referring to when you say "green puffer", however most puffers are aggressive and all of them will eat any fish smaller than them. Dwarf puffers are especially notorious for attacking tank mates 2-3 times their size. If you are referring to fluviatilis, they generally grow about half a foot in size which means anything smaller than that will become puffer food. Plus, this puffer prefers brackish water conditions which your other intended fish do not.

I would identify exactly what specie you have before adding any other fish. If your specie of puffer is not suitable for your other intended tankmates I would strongly consider relocating it. Otherwise you're going to have a lot of half/fully eaten fish.
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this is the is the one i own
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hmm i think thats the one that needs full brackish water isnt it?
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Originally Posted by SheyFirestar
hmm i think thats the one that needs full brackish water isnt it?
im not sure, Im going to look this thing up on google
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