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Old 05-22-2009, 01:35 AM   #1
My Tank is empty!

As of now my tank is empty!

I have no idea what type of fish to put in it. It is a 33G tank, with heater, and all. I am looking for tropical fish, but I am new. Right now, I am cycling.

Id like a few types of fish for a community tank. Id like:

Some small tetra like fish (at least 8-10 that can school together)
Alge eater/bottom feeder
2-3 Medium sized fish

And I think that would be all I could put in a 33 Gallon tank. Might even be over crowded.

What do you recommend? I love colourful or odd looking fish myself, I love the look of Cardinal Tetra, but I hear they tend to be tricky.

What should I put in first? (After cycling of course) I am keeping the tank at 80F right now.

One more random question... if you had a cold water tank, and it got too hot (summer), what could you do about it? I have always wondered this... throw icecubes in?

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Hello and welcome Jeff!

You sound like you have done some research and have handled things correctly to this point........Kudos to you!

For your fish choices sound rather correct............The bottom dwellers, whether you go with a small group of cory catfish or some type of small pleco, i would personally wait for a few months (2 or 3) for the tank to establish itself and mature a bottom to being capable of sustaining such fish.........The medium size fish your talking about.....some choices that come to mind would be a small shoal of dwarf rainbows, or maybe a gourami of some kind (only get 1 gourami), possibly a few giant danios (danios never stop moving)............For the smaller fish like tetras, i would suggest maybe black skirt tetras to start with.......These tetras, i have found to be more hardy and tolerant of a newer tank than most other tetras..........Cardinal and neon tetras arent that tricky to take care of, but generally dont do well in a newer tank.........Give it a few months and if you have the room, you could give a small shoal a try..

Of the fish i listed, i would start with the danios as your first addition, then followed by the tetras a week or so later, then the bottom dwellers...........Patience is the biggest factor when starting a new tank, generally people will go buy all there fish at once and add them only to suffer losses due to sending your tank back inot a mini cycle......

To cool off an overheated tank in the summmer, i would float a frozen water bottle in your tank to cool it off.........Do not add ice cubes directly to the tank water...

Good luck and remember, patience is the best practice for you at this point, dont rush things and your tank will thrive and give you years of enjoyment
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Old 05-22-2009, 02:57 PM   #3
8 Neon tetras
4 dwarf rainbows
3 male guppies
1small pleco

That is my ideal tank I think. Would that be too crowded or no?

Any issues with these fish together?

And I am worried about the Pleco. Would it grow too big?


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hi jeff. wow. you've got a good list there. those are hardy and great fishes for a beginner tank. i guess you've already done your research. good job! :)

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Definitely not overcrowded, depending on the dimensions of the tank. 33 gallons isn't a "standard" size, so I'm not really sure what the dimensions are. It's important because the dwarf neon rainbows need a lot of horizontal swimming room. Provided the tank is long enough, I would up the number of rainbows to six or so as they like larger groups.

For the pleco, you could just get a species that stays small and have no worries. Bristlenose and rubber lip plecos work well. Clown plecos also stay small but are darn good at never being seen by their owners. Keep in mind that a piece of driftwood or two is essential in a tank with plecos as they gnaw on it as part of their diets.
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