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My tank is cloudy

My tank has been set up for a week now and the water is really cloudy. I used to have a 10 feeder guppies but am down to one because I fed them to my salt fish. Now I have a danio, betta and 1 feeder guppy. I'm thinking about taking the betta out and putting it in a bowl. What should I do about my water? I was feeding my fish a square 1/4 inch single flake 2-3 times a day.
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Well if it's cloudy, then you got a bacteria bloom. Means there's to many nutrients and not enough beneficial bacteria. I don't know what kind of setup you have, but you need good filtration, reduce your nutrients (food, dead fish, trace elements), and you want to cycle your tank for a bit to build up that beneficial bacteria. It won't harm your fish it just doesn't look very appealing. Make sure your water has adequate aeration. I would run out to a petshop or fish store and pick up some stability or cycle. Follow the directions and you should have a good cycle by the time your halfway done with a bottle. Keep up with a bi weekly water change.

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I have a 10 gallon tank with a marineland biowheel 100 on it. A few of my guppies have gone missing. I forgot to mention that before. It seems to me that a dead fish would produce a lot of nutrients? Right? Do you think that they might be in the gravel? I don't see how they could have gotten up into the filter. The slits are way too small for them.
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Well, as far as the guppies.. who knows?. They could have died and the other ones ate them, they could of bungie jumped out of the tank with out a cord. Or the beneficial bacteria that you do have could of decayed the fish after it died, or the fish are still in your tank some place..

Once a week I find a hatchet fish laying on the ground dried up at my house. I just imagine $3-4 jumping out of a fish tank every week.

Just keep up with water changes and your tank will eventually not cloud anymore.

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A dead fish could definitely result in an ammonia spike, which could help to jump-start the bacteria bloom you're seeing.

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Thanks for the replies guys. How big of a water change should I be doing? (10 gallon aquarium)
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25 - 50%
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