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My NPT Diary

So after researching and looking at NPTs' (Naturally Planted Tanks) for months now i have decided to make my own.I want all to know that my budget is $22. Flat out,thats it.

Materials I Already Own:

1-1 Gallon tank
1-Small bag of miracle grow potting soil
2-50lbs bags of gravel (definitely not using all,i bought 4 for a 55 then didn't need 2 so i kept them)
1-Small submersible heater
1-Air pump (just till i think its no needed)
1-Gooseneck desk lamp with 9w screw in cf

Materials I Need:

MTS if i can find them
I may end up getting 1-3 feeder guppies but i doubt it,maybe some shrimp.

I already added the soil,gravel,water and heater i will post pics 1-2 times per week once the plants are going nicely but try to post a new pic every day.

Any advice,plant suggestions,or anything are welcome.

I am probably going to the store tonight to get plants (i have no clue how i will acllimate them in a 1 gallon tank).
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If this is in the wrong section please move it to the correct one.I could not decide between one.
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Set-up Pic:

Happy Turtle in the background

if this image is large please let me know
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how do you guys post the perfect pics?
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So what i ended up getting:

Dwarf Hairgrass
Chain Sword

The Chain Sword and pennywort were too tall for this little aquarium so i moved them to my 29 gallon aquarium.i think i may bring my 10 gallon back in addition to this 1 gallon as NPT's and add the pennywort clippings,some sword, and the other two and see how that ends up.if the 10 gallon succeeds i will add a Betta male to it.Or a large group of neons

I could not find the MTS though.
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so i noticed a little opaque red worm in the gravel today anyone know what this could be?i will post pics tomorrow.

To all who wonder: I can spell, I just am still getting used to using my new iPod touch and my fingers still need to figure out where the keys are.
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