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Well not having very good luck with the tank!!! Maybe Im just not ment to own a fish tank. I treated for Ich and turned up the heat to 82 and the Ich is a little better but for sure still there!! Plus once the temp raised it seemed like all the fish started acting strange. ALL of them are just laying at the bottom now!! Also lost a guppy last night :( Going to test my water today after I get back and see what my readings are maybe they are crazy off!! Plus going to do a 25% water change and treat for ich one more time and see if I can get it to work before it kills them all!! Does anyone recomend the stuff called STRESS COAT to help calm them down and get over the ich?? I know our pet stores around here ALWAYS put it in their water for travel they say it works great to calm them down.
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I have used the stress coat before and it did not hurt the fish but I could not really tell if it helped them either. Don't give up it will all get better and it will be so worth all the work and worry to have a beautiful tank of lovely fish to look at.

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Im pretty sure you need to treat ICH for 7-10 days and then even when you don't see the spots anymore, treat for 2 or 3 days after that.

What does the manufacturer suggest for dosage?

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Do you have a big airstone in your tank? (Its a blue strip that causes bubbles in your tank when plugged into an air pump.) I only ask because anytime heat is turned up in a tank, the fish require proper aeration, because heat takes more oxygen, so your fish may become lethargic if they are having trouble breathing properly :/

And yeah, the tricky thing about Ich is that once you notice the spots are gone, and you think it's over, that's actually the PRIME time to treat because that is the parasite jumping off the host and falling to the gravel, where it triples in reproduction, and can affect and fatally kill your whole tank! Don't give up hope! I once had to treat Ich for an entire month! Lost one of my favorite Mollies, but it was worth having a working, peaceful tank afterward.
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It sugests if not gone in 24 hrs to do a 25% change n treat again
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Originally Posted by Kara1979 View Post
It sugests if not gone in 24 hrs to do a 25% change n treat again
Lol, what kind of Ich treatment did you get? I'm not sure ich can be treated in as little as 24 hours, so that souncs strange to me. It's always recommended to treat ich for 5-7 days in a row.
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Ok so my next quetions should i treat with a fiz tab or a liquid???
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Ok makes sense to treat for that long. I just got the treatment walmart has cause no pet stores close. Im assuming i add the meds every day... Do i do any water changes??? Im determinded to get this down cause i LOVE fish tanks n my favs r guppies n mollies!
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Using more than one product is not safe. Sometimes they can react and cause even worse problems. When treating for anything, use one product and do a major water change before using another.

To the ich, I already suggested Coppersafe. I have battled ich for over 20 years from time to time, and tried various methods. I have some extremely sensitive wild-caught fish species. Coppersafe has worked for me, it is easy, only one dose which lasts a month.

Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
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Oh yes I do have an air bubbler. I did a huge water change today and used the Coppersafe as you suggested. I found a really small pet store close by and they carried it so that is what I am going to use from now on plus I dont have to take out my carbon filter or treat more than once!! So much easier on the money. I think I have done everything for the most part everyone has suggested so hofully it will work!! I tested my water before the change and it really really good except for Ammonia!!! So im pretty please for that! I treated for the Ammonia as well and they all see to be preking up. I think maybe I might be feeding to much which is cause the Ammonia to go up is that possible?? I dont think I have to many fish in there...I have 4 Mollies full grown, 5 guppies full grown, 4 tetra full grown, plus my 2 alge eaters I have yet to rehome all in a 30 gal tank. Is that to many??
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