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My Fishstore experience - a good one

I'm not sure if this is off topic - but I had to share.

My daughter is with her father for the summer, and so when I get to pick her up I get to drive to the big city where the fish stores are. (During the year with the schedule they are all closed when I pick her up).

So in my excitement we stop at a major pet chain lets call it pet*mart.

This is the conversation:

Daughter to clerk: don't let my mom buy anything

clerk: *weird look at me*

Me: ooo could I have some of your neon tetras

Clerk: what size tank? Has it been cycled? Are there any other fish in the tank?

Me: 10g, yes, no

Clerk: neons aren't starter fish - have you kept fish before?

Me: yes - I've been doing this for a couple of years now - but I am still a beginner it feels like, but currently have 5 tanks running.

Daughter: since you're getting fish - which I'm mad at you about - can I get another one with my moor?

Me: oh yes... clerk, can I get that golden oranda?

Clerk: What size tank?

Me: 20 gal long

Clerk: what other fish in the tank?

Me: one black moor juvenile, oh and its a bare bottom, and I know this would be the maximum fish I could have in this tank, but the fish are still small, and I am willing to buy another tank if I felt they needed it.

Clerk: have you cycled it?

Me: yes

Clerk: *still eyeing me suspiciously* what filtration do you have on it?

Me: I have a Aqueaon 55 that has been running for over a year.

Clerk: mm...okay

I just thought it was funny because this clerk actually knew what she was talking about (she had 20 years personal experience) and was not willing to make a sell unless she felt confident that I knew what I was doing. We talked afterwards and I told her about my cichlid tanks and how they are breeding and what not. My daughter just sat there and rolled her eyes and then said to the clerk as we were leaving - "thanks for not letting us buy anything"

I just thought what a contrast from other fish stores (including the ones in supermarkets) where they just say here have this oscar and parrot fish together in a 10 gal - you know fish only grow as big at the container, or a great starter fish is a goldfish in that 2 gal bowl.
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We have a few people like that at our big box stores too. It's nice to know that they are more then just selling fish.

There isn't a local fish store within a hour of me so I have to travel to get plants like you do.
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Nice story!! your daughter is a hoot!!

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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My daughter is a hoot - she has gotten to the point where she tells me off if I talk about fish too much and has threatened to turn me into that TV show "obsessed" because she says I have too many tanks and I talk about them all the time... but yet she feeds into my habit and has a tank of her own now to be obsessed about.
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That's something you don't hear every day.
Kudos to fish store clerk and your daughter of course - LOL.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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