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My fish are dying and fighting a lot!

Hi i recently decided to start my first aquarium and went out and bought a 55 gallon (200litre) tank. I stocked it with the following: 10 tiger barbs, 10 golden barbs, 10 cherry barbs, 5 black tetras, 5 red oscars, 2 rope fish, 10 plecostomas, 5 rainbow sharks, 5 blue gouramis, 5 black ghost knife fish, 1 siamese fighter, 3 goldfish, 1 small bass (caught it myself) and 10 discus fish. its been about 2 weeks now and quite a few of them have died and the remainder fight a lot. all the discus fish died and they were rather expensive. i thought i may be feeding them the wrong stuff? i usually break up some bread and whatever i had for dinner so they have a varied diet. the surface if the water has an oily film on it from the food. could this be depriving them of oxygen? i thought i should maybe stop feeding them meat because ive heard too much meat can make an animal agressive.
please help me with some advice someone! my fish are dying!
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The first thing that kicked my eye was the way to many discus for that aquarium. Discus are fish that should be kept by themselfs OR with neon tetra, never with barbs and other "pepsi" like fish. Also they need a pretty high water temperature,around 29-30 celsius(84-86 fahrenheit). They also require pristine water, nothing below perfect.
Why feed your fish meat and bread????? You NEVER feed a fish your leftovers, no bread, no meat, nothing liek that. All petshops sell special fish food. If you can afford discus you can for sure afford quality fish food.
Your fish are dying mostly because they are overcrowded and because your water is not what they need. After you put the water in the aquarium did you let it cycle for a week or 2(atleast)? It needs to so it can establish a bacteria bed in your biological filter, bacteria that helps keep your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels down.
Also oscars need way more space to live, you can't keep 5 of them in 200L, to be honest you can't even keep 2 in that space, not to mention all the other fish that are there.
Take all your fish back to the store, let your water do it's thing for 2-4 weeks and only then you can put some fish in there. In any case not discus(they are not fish for beginers), not oscars(they are not fish to be kept in 200L).
The barbs are ok fish and from my personal exp. with them they are easy fish to keep.
Also you did not mention what filters you use, at 200L you need a water filter that can pump 800 liters/hour to make sure your water is clean.
If you don't take action now you will have way more dead fish than you would hope for.
Also if you don't have plants to supply oxigen you might want to consider an air pump, they are pretty cheap and they last long.
You can also help the cycling by adding special bacteria, they are also sold by petshops, ask for Sera Ammovec or something similar, it doesn't do wonders but it helps a lot. Some don't agree with it but for me it worked as intended.
Put some in the filter and some in the water. You need around 40ml of it for every 100L of water.
That's about it from me, maybe someone else can shed some more light on your problem.
Good luck with the fish, hope not to many will die.

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A great research tool on what type of fish can be kept together, the temperature range and stocking limits is

I use it all the time when I'm looking at fish types for my tank. I also have a 55 gallon tank.

Best of luck to you and keep up the research there is a lot to learn out there!
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thanks for your responses guys. i was only kidding about having so many fish in a tank. i just wanted to see if i got any interesting responses. I've owned a 55 gal tank for about 3 years and i keep: 5 taiger barbs, 4 black tetras, 1 black ghose knife fish, 2 plecos, 2 rainbow sharks, 1 rope fish, 1 indian glass catfish, 3 corydoras, 1 neon tetra, 2 bright yellow cichlids (not sure of name), 2 blue cichlids with white stripes (also not sure of name), 3 small tilapia. they are all alive and very happy and get fed proper fish food. 1 do keep a red oscar in a separate tank and he reall does like leftovers, especially roast lamb.
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How about posting some pics of your tank??

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My gut response was WTH!!! THAT MANY FISH - ARE YOU CRAZY!?!

But a post like that would probably be against the forum rules - hahaha

Please do post pictures of your tanks - but be warned I have a little tank envy when I see them!

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Even if i responded to his first post i have the same feeling i had when i first read what he posted: he's only here for a quick fun.
Bet you 50$ that if he does post pics of his tank you'll find it on google as belonging to someone else.
Hope i'm wrong
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ok ive posted some pics of my tank.. they dont do much justice as i took them with my crappy camera phone but there you go. i made an album in my profile.. is that how its supposed to be done?
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Yes, and you can also upload the pics to your aquarium log. I see that you have a plastic soldier and a plastic spider listed as tank decor. Where, may I ask, are the pics of those??

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ok ive put up a pic of the soldier... couldnt find the spider. the one pleco likes to nibble on them so they get moved around a lot. the dark shape in the background is my black knife ghost fish Philip... he's about 6 inches long. dont suppose you could identify the blue cichlid in the foreground?
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