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My Dream 55 gallon Tank.

Hello, I am gonna list what I want in my 55 gallon tank and you guys tell me what's wrong with it I'm sure there will be multiple things considering I am a fairly new to keeping fish. Currently I have a ten gallon with an albino Cory cat, pretty small angel fish, a blue gourami, and a pleco. Sorry kind of off topic. Here is what I want! One red tailed shark, 3 or 4 yo yo loaches, 1 or 2 plecos, and about three dwarf cichlids maybe some cockatoos or something like that. So tell me what is wrong with my dream? Go ahead and break my heart. And if I can pull it all off something else if there is room. If there is what would you recommend?
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Also a school of something if I have room like barbs or something like that! Tanks guys!
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If you plan on Loaches and a Pleco I would leave out the Red Tailed Shark. As they can get mean when they get older. The like to stay near the bottom and this where the Loaches and pleco will probably be as well.

Also I can't help myself here and have to say that you have fish in a 10 gallon that shouldn't be. The Angelfish for insteads needs to be in a group of 5 atleast and this requires a 4" tank like your 55. Also Angelfish and Gouramis shouldn't be house together due to aggression. The Pleco you have in there what kind is it? Some get huge and can't live in a 10gallon. Plus the Cory cats have to be in groups as well. 5-6+ as they are very social fish and need numbers to do best. Sorry I know that's not what you were asking but had to say it.
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Maybe along with new stock, as per above you could also use the 55 to help correct the problems in your 10.
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Guys ally fish are healthy, active, and I don't notice any aggression towards each other. I will be upgrading that tank later. But anyway is there any problems with the dwarf cichlids? And for the RTS problem what if I left out the loaches? And added a different schooling fish like barbs?
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I have to agree with the previous posts regarding moving the 10 gallon stocking to the 55 gallon and customizing your stocking around that.

The corydoras is a well known schooling species - being on it's own is not a healthy or normal choice. It will greatly benefit from 5 more of its own species. Problem is, they do not fit in the 10 gallon. The 55 would be great for a school of 10 cories and will really liven up the bottom.

The angelfish, being that their finnage can grow to a span of 8-10 inches should not be in a tank that is 12 inches tall...minus space taken up by substrate and that is assuming you have it filled to the very top which most people don't do. Stunting and territorial aggression is definitely a problem as the fish starts to mature.

The gourami also needs a large tank. Full grown we are looking at a 4" fish with territorial tendencies. A problem that, like the angel, will get worse as the fish ages/matures.

Even if your pleco is a smaller species such as the bristlenose, clown or rubberlip, 10 gallons is still too small. A 20-30 gallon is the recommended minimum for even these species. If it is one of the large species then you need to look at rehoming it all together as most of plecos grow over a foot long.

All of these fish would make great additions to the 55 gallon. You can also keep the angel by itself or get 4-5 more to make it a school. Do not just add a couple more however as two will end up ganging up on the third.

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Stocking for my 55 gallon tank

I'm gonna cut right to the chase. I want a lot out of my future 55 gallon. What I want is a Redtailed Shark, 3 or 4 yo yo loaches, 2 longfin plecos, and like 3 dwarf cichlids like cockatoos or something like that. I have heard that the RTS while get aggresive towards the loaches, but I saw a bunch of articles and youtube videos begging to differ. Would all this work together. I have almost zero knowledge with dwarf cichlids. Thanks guys!
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Edit by Byron: This post was merged into this thread since the issue is the same one.

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First thing, obsessed with fish--welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. And also to the hobby.

I too am in agreement with the other members' suggestions. Before getting to specifics, I'll mention our fish profiles, under the second heading from the left in the blue bar across the top of the page. All the fish mentioned so far are in our profiles, with data on their needs respecting numbers, tank sizes, compatibility issues, etc. Please have a read of those, as it will help you to understand what we are getting at.

I am going to take a moment to pick up on your comment that the fish are all healthy, happy and showing no aggression in the 10g. Fish are designed by nature through natural evolution to live in very specific environments, and this is clearly more significant with fish than with almost any other animal. Their aquatic world is quite unique, compared to terrestrial animals; fish have much less adaptability because of this. They have inherent needs, which if not met will cause stress which is not observable by us until it is almost too late. Sometimes increased aggression results from this stress, but at other times fish may be the exact opposite and become more passive than nature intended. Either situation leads to weakening health and the fish never live to their expected lifespans.

We as aquarists cannot change a fish's physiology. The only way to ensure they are healthy is by providing them with the closest environment to their natural one. And environment here refers to many things: water parameters (GH, pH and temperature), water flow (some fish need currents, some do not), appropriate decor (wood, rock, plants, sand/gravel substrate, etc), adequate numbers for the species and sufficient space for this, and suitable tankmates. Any one of these if not close to the species' requirement will cause stress, and stress is the direct cause of almost all disease in fish.

I hope this explains what we are all getting at. We all had to learn this, often sadly through error which means sick and dying fish. A hard lesson, but one that must be understood.


Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian. [unknown source]

Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]
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Oops I meant to post that as a new one so you guys would stop with my ten gallon!
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To quote you;
I'll cut right to the chase...... I'd be quite surprised personally if we suddenly decided to ignore your 10, and watch them suffer as you stock your 55. This is JUST MY OPINION.
Creating a new topic wont solve the issue either. Your fish stocking and compatability etc is still just wrong. Get the fundamentals in place first before moving on and just ignoring your original fish so you can have new ones. Thats just not the correct attitude surely.

Just my 0.02
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