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not sure no. 2 is answered, some of your fish need harder water, some need softer, both the GH and KH will be elevated because of the limestone (unless it has been a while since you removed it and you have cleared out the altered water through water changes), neither are very high according to those numbers, but whatever it ends up being, some of your fish will be in the wrong conditions - meaning thier ideal conditions, your soft water fish are mostly commercially raised and somewhat adaptable (not sure about the upside down catfish), so you may be able to find a range in common with the guppies and rainbows, though some will likely be at thier upper or lower limits

as far as no. 1, I would suspect the gourami, maybe didn't like the colors or activity, but this is just a guess
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Hmm... so you're thinking the gourami. I had kinda wondered that myself as well. He hasn't really been with colorful fish much. He's been with danios as long as we've had him.. close to a year now, so I dont think it's the activity that really bothers him. We had one male guppy though since it was like 1cm and it was fine until we got the rainbows. He was the last one alive. About 8 months old if I recall correctly.

As to the PH/GH requirements of the fish, I'm aware it's not ideal. Most of these fish in this tank I have had for pretty much as long as I've been a fishkeeper, 18 months or so. As such were picked up before I had any idea of the requirements needed. I started to try to adjust my PH at one point then pulled back as I learned more. If things continue to go well, and I dont get more rescue fish dropped off I think I'm ready to try again in another tank.I just gotta sort out which one lol. I have a 35g tall, but I have a pair of dickfeldi in there currently. I maybe could try them in a 20g since they never move from their cave, but I'm worried about breaking the bond lol.

Actually.. wouldn't it be better to try in the 60 after moving the guppies and rainbowfish. Would a 30" long tank be enough for 7 rainbows? Oh speaking of which, I'm pretty sure the mystery rainbowfish is a madagascar rainbowfish. Does that make a difference with anything?
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Would a 30" long tank be enough for 7 rainbows? Oh speaking of which, I'm pretty sure the mystery rainbowfish is a madagascar rainbowfish.
Both species should be in a 4-foot tank (or larger). And Boseman is basic water (pH above 7), Madagascar is much the same, 6.5 to 7.6 range.

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Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]
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Guess I better get some caulking and redo my 55 gallon and start cycling :)
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