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Exclamation My 55G Journal!

OK, I've got the 55G set up and running. Had to wait on the canister filter so I'm running the Aqua-Tech 30-60 filter. Am going to try and keep up with the cycle and keep a log of photos as I go. In the photo below the red arrow indicates the shrimp prawn in the stocking for the "fishless" cycle technique. The water looks blue due to being cloudy and my cameras white balance being off. I've added API Stress Zyme to help jump start the cycle too. I also added Seachums Flourish for the small swords I've got planted. I will add the Flourish and Stress Zyme as per directions. I will keep a log on the water test results as I go too.

Water test Results - Day 2

PH = 7.6
Hard PH = 8.2
Ammonia = almost .25 ppm
Nitrite = 0 ppm
Nitrate = 0 ppm
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Nice start. I can't wait to see the finished product.

55 gallon planted tank, starting over!!!( looking crappy, needs a major rescape)
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I like the hardscape, nice job with the rocks.
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love the river rocks.

Dedicated, converted, lowes / home depot bulb buyer!
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My one suggestion at this stage would be to narrow in on one of the pH tests, not using both. Otherwise, this can get complicated. The one to use is the one that is closest to your tap water pH. Confirm the probable pH with your water supply people, and use the test that corresponds in range.

When testing pH of tap water, always allow the CO2 to outgas for a more accurate reading. This is done by letting a glass of water sit out overnight, or you can put some tap water in a jar (say 1/4 full, not much) with a lid and shake it vigorously. This causes to CO2 to dissipate out of the water and the pH test will be closer.

Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]
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Thanks Byron! Will do! :)
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UPDATE: No one told me that doing the fishless cycle with shrimp thing was going to STINK! LOL Oh man! Pheeeew!!!
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Lol congrats on the tank! I look forward to watching it!

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Alternate method would be to get some pure ammonia solution found at many hardware stores. You want stuff with NO surfactants in.

It ultimately will give you more beneficial bacteria and will be less smelly than using a shrimp / prawn..decaying anything for that matter

Aquascape looks great by the way.

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Thanks for the compliments guys! I am considering the pure ammonia deal, bc this stuff really is starting to stick up the living room!

I also left a glass of tap water out over night and will do a PH test on it this evening.
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