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This is a discussion on My 55 gallon journal within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Boredomb I found out today that my cities tap water will have some counts of mercury it it. The lvls are ...

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Originally Posted by Boredomb View Post
I found out today that my cities tap water will have some counts of mercury it it. The lvls are suppose to be in the safe zone but will be okay for my fish. I am asking cause I just did a water change without knowing this information.
Can you find the number for the mercury? Mercury is toxic because it binds to the sulphydryl groups of organic molecules found on all proteins, which inactivates the proteins and their cellular function. [This comes from Diana Walstad, a microbiologist.] Diana doesn't give specific numbers, but does mention that in tests, a level of <0.00026 of mercury affected the growth of juvenile minnows. I know from my previous government work that mercury that used to be used in some mining operations will kill the fish in streams. I would expect that the levels in public drinking water would be well below anything that could cause problems, given its nature of binding essential proteins.

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I don't know the numbers just that it is the "safe zone". I do know that the government allows that company to dump 70lbs a year into the river. In a coarse of 3 days they dump 50.49 lbs. Also read other reports satin that this cities intake for water was up river where that happen. So I don't know. Different reports say different things. My fish "seem" to okay. They are still eating and swimming normally.
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Also found out this started last Tuesday and they got it stopped by Thursday or Friday morning. So I would think by the time I did a water change which was Monday of this week that it would be okay. When I wrote that first post about it. I had just heard about it then after the post I started reading reports about it. So I think everything is okay now.
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To day I added some flourish root tabs under the plants as the sword doesn't look to happy nor does my jungle val. I also moved my intake for the filter as I think I had it covered up to much and it was not doing the job it was suppose to be doing.
2011-09-13 14.31.05.jpg
I have still not yet heard anything about my plant order. Wondering when those are going to come in.
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Still no plants or response!

I have still not gotten my plants nor have I even heard from I just sent them another email
On 9/7/11 I placed an order (#1763). On Monday 9/12/11 sent you an email reguarding the status of this order. I have yet to hear back from you on this order. I would like to know what is going on with my order Please. Has it been shipped yet? If not when will it be shipped? Please get back to me on matter


I am hoping I will atleast hear something. Does everyone else have this problem when they order from them. I don't mind the wait but the no response just bad business in my book!
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The first time I ordered from them I had quite a bit of a wait for my plants. I just placed another order myself last Friday. I am thinking about sending an email out beginning of next week if I don't recieve anything. When I placed the order I ended up having to email them about a correction, heard back later that day. Hopefully you hear something from them soon.
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I don't mind waiting for something that is good and at the right prices. I just like knowing how long the wait is going to be. Its the no response that is really bothering me. This might be my first and last time ordering from them.
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I finally got a response from Mary at sweetaqutics and my order is suppose to be shipped Monday.
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Today I finally got confirmation on my plants being shipped! I ordered them on the 7th so 12 days later they finally shipped them. Not so sure I will order from them again will depend on the quality of the plants.
Also did a water change today will check the parameters again tomorrow but Alls been good with them up to this point.
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I will also take an update pic of the tank as I took out the plants that were floating as they wouldn't doing good.
My vals are finally showing some growth. My big sword still isn't good to good. Need to trim some of the leaves off. It did nit like the move and I hink it is showing some improvement since I added the root tabs to it. Will also rearrange some too as I am not happy with the layout but need to wait till my plants get here.
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