My 29 gallon journal
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My 29 gallon journal

This is a discussion on My 29 gallon journal within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Here is my 29 gallon tank as it currently sits. 2011-09-12 13.23.31.jpg I have not had much luck with this tank at all. I ...

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My 29 gallon journal

Here is my 29 gallon tank as it currently sits.
2011-09-12 13.23.31.jpg

I have not had much luck with this tank at all. I cant get anything to grow in it despite what I do. I have changed the lights on, substrate and even what I use for fertilizer. Usually whatever I plant in there dies or just barely survives. Here are a couple of pics of how the tank use to look. From the first pic being of the first time I setup to the next time and then the time before what i looks like now.


Each time something died, to fungus on the wood. So I kept tearing it down and starting over.

So I am at the point I want to try high lights some DIY Co2, and dry fertilizers on this tank to see if I can get stuff to grow in this tank. Its funny how I can get the same plants to grow in another tank and not this one. It currently has jungle val. in it now. This will be the second time trying to get it to grow in this tank. The first time it complete melted away to nothing. This time around it is starting to do the same. I have root tablets under them on both sides and I dose once a week with flourish comprehensive. I think I pretty much did the same thing last time and it didnt work. I don't know what the difference is other then the bioload on the tank is much different from 55 gallon. This one only has 4 dwarf puffers in it. I guess they don't have that much waste. Even though I have read they are messy fish?

So right now I am in the process of trying to get the DIY Co2 working (with not very much luck).

2011-09-16 02.38.29.jpg
Here is my powerhead and my sponges
2011-09-16 02.38.54.jpg
my silicone tubing along with some tubing that isn't so flexible, and the airstone
2011-09-16 02.39.10.jpg
The cap to the bottle along with the bulkhead fitting for it.
2011-09-16 02.39.33.jpg
I took a small drill bit and drilled out a hole in the cap just big enough so that I could thread the bulkhead into the cap and tighten it down really good.
2011-09-16 02.39.41.jpg
this is my 12 ounce bottle for the gas separator
2011-09-16 03.22.03.jpg
This is what I plan on using for now as the diffuser. I have a sponge on the bottom of the siphon cup now. Its in the tank running with no problems
I am having trouble with the yeast bottles but I still have some bugs to work out on it. I think some of it is I am impatient. LoL I have them running now its been 24 hours soo I think I am going to give it another day and see what happens also think I have a bad check valve. So I am going to have to order online.
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Hey , I am pretty sure i have the EXACT same tank as you, I have a DIY C02 system as well that works well if you keep up on it. I have a video of how I did it, i'll link it to you. The one thing I did change after the video though was that i took a lighter and melted the plastic on the bottle cap as well as the adapter and fused them together, as my silicone kept bursting. (I was impatient like you and put it on too early, before it was dry.) Also, I dose with flourish excel every other day and I find that I can only keep SOME plants alive, I am running a T8 bulb (whatever is stock) 50/50 actinic reef sun.

Here is the link of how I did my C02, hope it helps,

Good Luck :)
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Ok thanks Backer I will have to watch the video later as my phone doesn't want to show it lol I think I finally got the mixture right as it is producing Co2 now. I discovered that I have some leaks in the fittings so I am going to get some silicone and seal them up. I didn't think about heating the lines up to get them to stay on the fittings though. I might give that a try.
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