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quick fish is swimming freely about his new 10gal tank this morning, and showing no sign of tipping over sideways. i didnt mention yesterday, but on the drivers side (if you live in the US) he has a discolored spot on top of his gill about 1/2"x5/8" (looks like a pc of scotch tape) and his eye in also discolored and slightly bulging.

the water is still pretty cold, and probably wort reach room temp for at least another 12hrs.

Redknee, i wont start feeding the guy until at least another 3-4 days? or when should i start feeding him? thanks, kirk.
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also, his gills are moving all the time now, but only opens about a 1/16"
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You can start feeding him a tiny bit from today maybe tomorow, it depends on his general health, if he seems active fed a bit, give him some quality fish food and if you can find Sera Fishtamins soak the food in that for 10-20 seconds before feeding.
Don't over feed as he is not ready to wolf down to much even if he seems very hungry.
Watch the water parameters in the tank, his health is pretty bad as it is he needs clean water. If you intend to do a water change be sure there is no chlorine in the water(if u use tap water let it dechlorinate for 24 hours before using it).
The discoloration might be from the frost or maybe he injured himself in the pond but i'd go with the freezing(frostbyte).
In any case do not touch/manhandle the fish for a few more days, any interaction from your side will only stress him and make him weak.
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checked the nh3n in both my pond, and his 10gal tank.
pond...... .0697 mg/l
10gal tank..... .360 mg/l (i read these samples at work on the same meter that we report the nh3n to the EPA, when i've done comparisons from a test strip type method, the nh3n was 0 mg/l, on a .0735 mg/l sample taken on meter)
the PH is 7.2 on both samples.

the nh3n in his tank does concern me just a little, so as soon as the water in the tank reaches room temp, it will be changed. and at that time i will start feeding him as you suggested. thanks!


the old boy seems to be holding his own, he even moves away form the front of the tank when someone walkes by. now i have to keep an eye out for other victims.
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