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Moving a live tank - Phase 2

Well, Operation Move-a-Fish, was rescheduled for tonight. I spent the past four hours packing, draining, tearing down, hauling, unpacking, setting up and filling the 30 gallon cichlid tank.

The 20 gallon is still sitting in the backseat of my car. And it's staying there.

I'm a tired Kat.

Currently there are fourteen cichlids, two zebra danios and one yoyo loach floating in bags acclimating. Right now we are at zero casualties, but there is one kenyi that is on the critical list. Its baggie lost air during the move and when I got to it he was on his back at the bottom of the bag, very pale and gasping. I'm not sure if he'll recover, but when I got him some aeration he started to color up a bit, so we'll see.

The cichlids are all much smaller than I anticipated. Which is good from a space standpoint, I won't be as concerned with being horribly overstocked until I can rehome appropriately, but bad from an ID standpoint as I can't tell what the heck half of these are. I'll be posting some pics this weekend to see if anyone can help.

Here are the things that went really well for the move:

The LFS the ebay guy uses gave him a packing cooler and a ton of bags so we we had plenty of supplies

Gravel/filter meda/bacteria colony:
We were able to move the tank with the gravel intact and about an inch of water. The bio wheel and filter media went into fish baggies in some tank water and into the cooler with the fish. We'll see over the next few days if that worked out.

Apparently you can fit a 30 gallon high, 20 gallon high, tank stand, and a cooler full of fish into a Toyota Corolla.

Things that went not so well with the move:

Destination unpacking:
If I ever do this again, I am definitely getting more help. Me and ebay guy are just not a big enough crew to move this much stuff. Especially since I did all the hauling at the end point.

When in doubt, plan more. I chose to pull this off tonight because I thought I had enough time. I was WRONG. If you include the time I'm spending waiting up for the acclimating to finish the whole procedure will be around 6 hours. Not the kind of thing to be starting at 8 in the evening.


I have just found the ebay deal of the century. And frankly, it was worth all the work. :)

~Ashkat, off for a long nap.
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The critical listed kenyi did not make it past the acclimation phase. Fortunately he appears to be the only casualty of the move. Looks like I've got a total of fourteen cichlids, a yoyo loach, and two zebra danios. I'm going to try to compile a list here, if for nothing else than my own recordkeeping.

Yellow labs (2 juveniles)
Auratus (1 adult, blue; 1 juvenile, yellow)
kenyi (2 juveniles)
acei (1 juvenile, 1 tween, 1 adult)
hap venustus (1 juvenile, less than 1 in)
demasoni (1 juvenile)
powder blue (1 juvenile)
red zebra (1 juvenile)
and 1 brown unidentified juvenile

I need to find homes for:

yoyo loach
both yellow labs
both auratus
1 kenyi
two acei
hap venustus
red zebra
and depending on what that brown one is, maybe him too.

EDIT: that brown one looks like a juvenile Eureka Peacock (A. jacobfreibergi) gonna need to rehome him too. Also, after further consideration, I'm really not sure if that is an adult auratus, or an adult johanni. Which means the auratus in my main tank might not be an auratus...
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