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Moving gameplan. Thoughts? Tips?

I am moving from Kitchener-Waterloo to London in Ontario, which are about 1.5 hours drive apart. However, I am temporarily moving to another town, which is about 1.5 to 2 hours from KW, and is about an hour from London.

My boyfriend's parents live in London right now, and his father has a 160gallon freshwater tropical tank right now that is next to empty (he has a cory, a 4" or so pleco, another bottom-sucker I'm not sure of what it is, a finned danio, a tiny guppy, and my male gold gourami).

My gameplan is that I will send my tropical fish to live in the boyfriend's father's tank while I am living at my parents house, and then move them back in with me once I move to London.

I plan to be living in the parents house for anywhere from 1 week to a month, but no longer than that. I figure it'll be less stressful for my fish to be packed up and moved all the way to London, and then from one place in London to another - than to have them packed up and moved all the way to my parents, then all the way to London.

What do you guys think?? Should I move them with me to my parents for a month, and then with me to London after that, or should I move them to one place in London for a month, and then in with me in another place in London after that?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense...I'm not really sure how to explain it more simply haha.

Also was wondering - if I have the fish in the large tank for a while...should I hook up my filter to a tank and have it running the entire time, or will it be good enough to just keep it wet? (for keeping bacteria alive). Or will I have to go through the cycling business once I set up my tank again?
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Interesting move going on here, one thing i would say is keep the filter hooked up and running that way you will not lose any of what you have built up already. It is just safer that way. I run saltwater, so its not fresh, but i moved a friends saltwater and he lost a bit after just a 6 hour move, that includes disassembly and reassblembly of a 150 G.

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Yeah it's a pain in the ass move all around, really h aha. Was supposed to just be from KW to London, but plans got jimmied around and I'm picky, so we haven't found a place that we wouldn't be settling for yet, so I'm moving back in with my parents after my lease here is up while continuing to try and find a place we love in London.

Thanks for the tip about the filter. I wasn't sure if just keeping it wet would be good enough over that large a span of time. I figured not, but I had to ask 'cause that'd be easier haha. I'll hook it up to my boyfriend's dad's 20 gallon that he keeps a black moor in for time being.
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