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Smile Moving Fish from Established Tanks to New Tank

Hi everyone. I just joined, and I have a question. I already know that I'm not supposed to add all my fish at once but...

I have 4 smaller aquariums (all completely cycled with healthy fish). I got a new aquarium 4 days ago large enough to safely house all my fish. I have "cheated" and put items from the other tanks in the new tank to get the bacteria started. So far I only have one fish in the new tank, but I was wondering, if I closely monitor the chemicals in the new tank, and do water changes as needed (every day if needed), is there any reason I couldn't go ahead and add all my fish at once? I know you're not supposed to do this, but since I "cheated", and am willing to do daily maintenance until the tank is fully cycled if needed... Any responses would be appreciated.

I hope I'm posting this in the right section...

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It would depend largely on how many fish,what particular fish,and how large of a tank. Personally ,,I wouldn't do it. Why make things more difficult? (ie) water changes ,and daily testing. The bacteria develops in proportion to the amount of food available (fish waste,fish poop,fish food.) By adding all of the fish at once ,,the bacteria will need time to develop. In the mean time,, Ammonia levels could become uncomfortable to lethal overnight. If you have healthy fish in your other tanks, best to add them SLOWLY to the new tank. Filter material,gravel (in stockings), and decorations from the smaller tanks will all help seed the new tank with the needed bacteria. Were it me,, (and it ain't) I would perhaps add the fish ,,depending on size,, one or two per week (7 days).

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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