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moving with aquariums

This is a discussion on moving with aquariums within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I LOVE aquariums...and am VERY jealous that my son has one in his bedroom right now and I don't. I am contemplating getting myself ...

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moving with aquariums
Old 02-12-2008, 09:49 PM   #1
moving with aquariums

I LOVE aquariums...and am VERY jealous that my son has one in his bedroom right now and I don't. I am contemplating getting myself one (his is 10 gallon, and mine would be the same) because he loves goldfish (and at 23 cents a pop, I'm not gonna croak if I have to replace them every once in awhile) and I like the neon tetras.

Right now my two surviving tetras (I started with 5) are in with the goldfish, with water temp, etc. set at the tetra's preference -- they are, after all, more expensive than the goldfish, whom I'm not attached to at all. However, goldfish being as messy as they are, and his having grown so much, the tank really is quite overcrowded.

To solve the overcrowding problem I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get myself another tank and put my tetras in it in my bedroom and get a few more, since the poor things are schoolers and really do better with at least three of their kind.

However, the dilemma comes when I consider my upcoming move halfway across the country in just over 4 months. Do I REALLY want to attempt to move 2 aquariums and inhabitants as well as all our household stuff? Especially with a new baby...

What IS the best way to move an aquarium?? I was thinking just empty it about half way so the water doesn't splash and hope for the best (its a one day, MAYBE two day trip) -- is there any better way? If I got my second tank, would all my fish survive being severely overcrowded in one 1/2 full tank for 1-2 days? Or would that be too much stress? I really want another tank, but not if it means I won't be able to feasibly move them in 4 months...please help!
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Old 02-12-2008, 09:57 PM   #2
Moving with tanks is hard. You can always buy the special bags and oxygen tabs just like if you bought a fish online but I don't see that being cheap or worth it for $.87 fish. I would sit tight and make plans for a bigger tank at the new location.
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Old 02-12-2008, 10:03 PM   #3
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Hi, I will help all I can, but I really have to say, I can't condone the inhumane treatment of 1 species of fish simply because its cheaper. Keeping goldfish in a 10 gallon tank with conditions prime for the neon tetras is inhumane, no matter how you look at it. All you are doing is slowly killing those fish... and yes, the neons too.
Goldfish get way too large (and dirty) for something so small. For 2 fancy goldfish 90 gallons is a minimum, for 2 comet goldfish (feeder goldfish) 125 gallons is a minimum, and neither should be started in less than 30 - 40 gallons with cold water. Goldfish kept in warm water are oxygen deprived, and the warm water causes their organs damage which will eventually be fatal.

If you're going to be moving soon I would strongly suggest waiting until setting up a new tank. Moving a tank is not impossible, but it does involve a lot of work and care to ensure everyone and everything survives. Please never move a fish tank of any size with water in it. This usually will cause cracks and breaks in the glass and seams, it makes a mess, and the fish will die (plus you'll be out the cost of the tank). The safest way to move fish is in a covered bucket, and if it's over such a long period of time you'll want to add a battery operated air pump and air stone to each bucket. If these are tropical fish (such as neons) then you'll also want to tape some heat packs to the inside of the lid of the bucket and wrap the bucket in a thick towel or warm blanket. Tropical fish who's temp is allowed to fall below about 72 are sure to get sick and/or die. Goldfish don't need the heat provided they have the air stone and at least 25% water change each day.

It sounds as if you already have some issues started, it might be wise to consider fixing those before moving on to more...
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