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Im about to move and I need some advise on how to move my 10 gallon aquarium. The new house is only about 10 minutes away and the tank only has 1 betta and 4 moneywort plants. I thought to maybe keep half the water somewhere else then pour it back when its moved to save the bacteria. Soooo what should I do? Currently im in a second floor apartment... soooo... yeah

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thats actually pretty easy. i got to move 55 gal. tank in a 3 hr drive soon. just drain enough water out so that you and a friend can carry it. if its 10 min away and a 10 gal. it shouldn't be a problem. If you're a careful person you can leave the fish in it. otherwise it would be smart to bag it.
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I have to really disgree with moving any tank regardless of size with any water in it more than enough to keep the gravel damp. Water will put stress and every little twist or justle puts you at risk of it exloding in your hands. Remove all the water saving as much as you can.

Use 5 gallon buckets with lids to keep 50% of the water. Leave just enough water in the bottom to keep the gravel moist. Put the fish in ones of the bucklets with about 3 inches of air from the top in whatever size bucket you can use. When you get to the new house with it, set it back up, get everything running with old and new water making sure to use dechlorinator and the rights temp water. Then acclimate the fish again.
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soooo it wouldnt be okay to tak 50% of th the water and transport it to a bucket then pour it back in when i get to the new place?

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No way, I agree with fish 4 all on this. Tanks are NOT designed to handle any sort of torque, even small tanks. They may be smaller and lighter, but the glass is also thinner. Take out 95% of the water into other buckets, and set it all back up when you get there.

I recommend a VERY thorough gravel vac before moving. Also, don't forget to keep your filter media wet.
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alright. but wouldnt the buckets tip? Ill just use some sort of large container.

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Look for buckets with lids...

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Drive slow and don't fill them up all the way :D

It's not that bad, I've had to move my 10G a few times, and it's kinda a pain, but nothing too crazy. Being the uber tank freak I am, the last time I moved I just bought another 10G and a new filter and cycled that for my fish at the new place, so I only had to move them and pop them into the new tank (I added about 75% of the old water so it wasn't a shock). Then I could strip down the old tank and move it that way and set it back up all new and pretty for some different fish.

Of course, I don't think I could get away with that now that I have a 6 foot tank, but 10G's are starting to be like candy for me.
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Tight fitting lids for the buckets work well too. Can even keep the fish in them if they are full up to about 2 inches from the top. That should give enough oxygen for about 3 hours in the buckets.
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im just goin to remove 80% of the water and place the betta in a small container till I get there and flloat the plants on the remaining 20% of water in the tank.

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