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100 gl *very gently used" acrylic tank (stand, canopy, lights, heaters & filters included) $300.00

Substrate, plants and fish: not even gonna talk about it...

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around 1500 for everything for my 55 plants, fish equip substrate lighting everything 1500 "roughly)
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My 75 gallon
Tank, stand, gravel, rocks, filter = 100 (Craigslist)
Additional filters - 70 (Aquaclear 110)
Replacement light fixture - 100
Fish - 40 (Fancy goldfish, weather loaches)
Total = $310

My 30 gallon
Tank, stand = free (parents old tank/stand)
Gravel, rocks = free (from existing 75 gallon)
Canopy = free (built at work with scrap wood)
Filter = 30 (Whisper 40)
Fish = 40 (zebra danios, white cloud mountain minnows, plecostamus, weather loach)
Total = $70

Of course this doesn't include the maintenance supplies, like a python hose, water conditioner, salt, medication, filter media, nets, replacement parts, bulbs, food...ect which could run 100 or several hundreds of dollars more over time.

I have always been very frugal with my spendings. I try to find good deals, or friends that are giving stuff away. At where I work we have many fish tanks too that I have used supplies from. I see a lot of you spending a significant amount of money on tanks, which I know is sometimes hard to avoid. But it is worth trying to scope out deals on used equipment, or just settle with the cheaper models (another thing that's hard to do). I find that the less I spend on the tank, and the less fancy & expensive equipment used, the easier the tank is to maintain.
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I bought 3 pineapple swords today (1 M, 2 F) and 1 neon blue gourami, male. the Gourami has been very skiddish so far.


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Yeah as a college student I am always keeping an eye on spending. Theres lots of fish I want, but won't get do to the cost. I've got a auction coming up on the 30th, so we will see what I can snag at this one. I get lots of stuff from the club and auctions. I hold out until the end in auctions, things start going cheap and not as many people bidding. I'll buy fish I don't care for simply because they were very cheap, even compared to club prices.... Thats why I have my BN plecos..... I don't care for these fish, but there is a demand for them. Snagged 4 baby calicos for $10 at auction. Last auction I did good at, made almost twice what I spent, but of course what I made almost covered a online fish order.

Lets not talk about supplies.... I've got enough fish food to go about a year without buying anymore. Spare hoods, lights, filters, heaters, gravel, driftwood, more plants than I know what to do with.....

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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I'm really cheap when it comes to...well, pretty much everything, haha. It certainly extends to my fishkeeping, though.

Let's first few tanks were gifts, so those didn't cost a thing (other than a few filter upgrades, etc). One of my 29g tanks I bought from craigslist for $30, which included decor, filter, heater, lighting, etc. The vast majority of my tanks came in one big lot for $100. Basically, a friend's father had a failed attempt at discus breeding and had a garage full of supplies. He told me I could fill my SUV with whatever I wanted for $100. I guess I pack stuff better than he anticipated as he cut me off after a while. I walked away with 2 10g's, a 20 high, a 28g, two 20 longs and a 10g hex plus all sorts of filters, heaters, nets, filter media, you name it. I still have a 20 long and the 10g hex sitting around empty. I have a 125g in storage that came with everything (a couple of canisters, lights, heaters, substrate, decor and a wooden stand) that I paid $150 for on craigslist. So yeah...I'm cheap. Haha.

A lot of plants I got via trades (I got a big package from okiemavis as payment for sending her a ton of snails to feed her puffer) and I buy all of my stone from the local landscaping store for about $0.10/lb. The only things I really buy from the LFS or online are fish, medication, food and driftwood. I actually buy my test kits from craigslist too, haha.

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