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Missing Shrimps

I just bought a few amano shrimps and cherry shrimps. However, after I released them into the tank, I can't seem to find them. Are they hiding or my fish ate them ? would a pleco eat them?
These are the fish I have
Balloon Mollies
some small guppies
small platties
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I would think that they are hiding due to the new tank they are in. The Pleco and other fish might eat baby ones if they do not have enough cover to hide. They like to be in floating plants in the aquarium. If they are not babies them they are hiding somewhere. Sometimes when I have the lights off in the evening and turn them on to check on them they are eating on the bottom and come out. Give them a few days to adjust. Mine like algae waffers alot and Tetramin Algae crisps that I put in the water to sink on the bottom. They also like to hide in between the rocks and plants. Good luck finding them! I hope you have panty hose or some kind of netting over your intake vavle as they can get sucked up in that. I have a netting over mine with the shrimps. If you can't find them look in your filter with a flashlight.

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I'm not 100% on it but I don't think the pleco would be going after adult shrimp. I know when I got my amanos they hid for several days and even after that one or two of them would always be somewhere in the tank they were hard to spot. I wouldn't worry, give them a couple days.

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how many fish do u guys keep with the shrimps? i have ~20 other fishes.

just now, i saw one of the shrimps under my driftwood. I guess they ARE hiding and not eaten!.. haha.. i was so worried... But there should be 8 of them that i released into the tank yesterday... hmmmm...

I also kept a few in a breeder box, , are they okay in there?? I didn't want to release all the shrimps in my tank at once, b/c i wasn't sure if they are going to be eaten.
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