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125 liters equals 32 gallons. I think you could fit more fish in then that. Is the tank planted or is it going to be? I have about 20 fish in my 30 gallon, it is quite heavily planted and nitrates never get above 10 ppm with weekly 30% water changes. Of course, most of the fish are quite small. What kind of fish are you interested in? I think hatchets would be good in there.

For my two cents--I love rams, rummynose tetras and pencilfish as blue suggested :)
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I would say hatchets or danios for surface fish. I am actually going to try and breed danios as soon as my LFS needs swordtails. I want to get some flightless fruit flies to feed them on the surface, should be a lot fun to see them snatch them off the surface. As for bottom dwellers, why not shrimp if you don't get a fish that is likely to eat them? A pleco will likely munch them and my cories love ghost shrimp so it really can't be both fish and shrimp. In my experience anyway.
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Are hachetts the weird shaped fish?
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Yep, here's a picture of one:

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They look really good are they shole fish and what size do they grow to. How much do they cost.
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I haven't actually kept these fish myself, so I can't tell you whether they are a shoaling fish or not, but I don't think they would be.

They grow from an inch, to an inch and a half - and have a tendancy to jump - so make sure you have the tank hood on at all times.

As for cost, I can't imagine they would be that expensive - it would probably depend where you're located :)
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Originally Posted by Dru
They look really good are they shole fish and what size do they grow to. How much do they cost.
They don't shoal much. Most of the time, they stalk under surfaces for insects. 4-5 cm is the max size. A cover glass is very important. These fish can easily fly out of your tank with their gliders(pectoral fins).

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