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maybe a black moor ?

I'm getting my aquarium ready for some Bala Sharks. I was wondering if I could possibly put a Black Moor in there with them ? I've been reading alot on the Fish Profiles. It's soooooo hard to decide on what fish to get !!! It's a 75 gallon by the way. Please help with any ideas !!!

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I'm no expert on stocking, or on these fish - I've never kept either, so not really familiar. . . but from what I've picked up here and there, this doesn't sound like a very good combination to me . . . you may have to do a bit more research into these two species, and how compatible they'd be. I think that the temperature requirements of the two are a bit off, with the sharks preferring warmer water, and the goldies liking things a bit cooler. . .and don't BM have poor eyesight? If I'm remembering that correctly, they might have trouble getting their fair share of food when competing with others that don't share this issue. . . just a couple of possible issues that you might want to look into :) Good luck!
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1 Bala Shark needs atleast 6ft of swimming length. So right off the bat your 75 gallon is not big enough for even 1 bala shark.

Secondly, Black Moors are coldwater fish. They cannot be housed with tropical fish. However, you can house about 5 or 6 black moors or other fancy goldish in your 75 gallon. NO COMETS, SHUBUNKINS OR KIO.
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Goldfish aren't actually coldwater fish; true coldwater fish like trout die at warm temps. Goldfish do fine at warmer temps, but you have to make sure to feed them enough as well as keep the water oxygenated. Mine get up to 80F in the summer. I just pop in a bubbler and make sure to feed them 3-4 times a day.

That being said, I do NOT recommend goldfish with bala sharks. Balas are active and boisterous. Goldfish are slow and clumsy. The goldfish will probably get picked on, and those bulbous eyes of the black moore will be a prime target. If you want to make the 75 gal into a goldfish-only tank, then that would be a great place for a black moore.
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