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May have done a bad thing

So I have a Python hose for filling my tank. It was about 10ft too short so I bought a garden hose for the extra length plus the adapter for fitting it to the faucet. Now after filling my tank (roughly 15g of a 40g tank) I read the thing that came on the hose which says do not drink from the hose because it's made from recycled material. I let the water run through the hose for a few minutes before using it since it was new anyway but could this harm my fish? They all seem to be doing fine so far. Active, swimming and playing with eachother which is good. I will keep a close eye on them but hopefully no damage has been done. Also conditioned with Prime if that makes a difference.
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I can't say if it may cause trouble, I suppose it depends what recycled material the hose is made from; something toxic may possibly leech out over time??? If they don't recommend drinking water from it, I would not use it for fish.

You can get 25-foot extensions for Python and Aqueon water changers. I have three on mine, 75 feet, as I need that long a hose to get from the sink in the utility room to the fish room.

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You can buy clear tubing from Lowes by the foot too. Not sure which would be more cost effective though. Also, alot of warning labels these days are just CYA because people want to sue at the drop of a hat. Yeah, grandpa smoked for 58 years but it was that summer he drank from the water hose that gave him cancer...lets sue the hose company since big tobacco is untouchable
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It probably has less to do with toxic stuff leaching out as it has to do with garden hoses always being out side and always with a bit of water left in makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. The water is usually not in the hose long enough to absorb anything from the actual hose so its probably safe, I've used garden hoses in the past to fill tanks on the first fill of a tank. Plus its probably easier just to slap on a label that says non potable then to go through the inspections and effort to make it 100% potable.

Also people fill ponds and pools all the time from garden hoses.
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Thanks everyone you all said what I was thinking pretty much. I think I'll keep using it and just let a good amount of water run out of it before I use it every time. On the packaging it also says that the company makes hoses that are safe to drink from but I'm not sure if I want to go through the trouble of returning it haha.
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It actually has to do with the plastic softeners/plasticizers used in the hose manufacture. Hoses rated and certified for "drinking" water have either a different softener or less (not certain which). It has to do with leaching of the softener into the water. If you don't store the hose long-term with water in it and/or run a little water through the hose to flush out any buildup each time you use the hose, you are fine to use the hose. It's likely that the python hose might not even be rated as NSF approved for use with water for human consumption. Remember that garden hoses are left full of water often and in the hot sun, which causes more of the plasticizers/softeners to leach into the hose water.
NOT something you need to worry about with your application!

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