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This is a discussion on marine to tropical within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I am just at the thinking stage at the moment about changing my marine tank to a tropical set up. My tank is a ...

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Old 08-24-2013, 03:19 PM   #1
marine to tropical

I am just at the thinking stage at the moment about changing my marine tank to a tropical set up.

My tank is a 4x 2 x 2 100 gal (english not US) with a 15 gal sump. The sump contains my filtration which I know will not be needed for a tropical set up

The tank and sump will have to be thoroughly cleaned to remove all coraline from the rear glass. There is a weir in the tank for the water return to the sump and the water is returned to the tank with a 5000LPH pump and I have 2 power heads in the tank, both of which are 6500 LPH each.

I was thinking of removing the weir and fitting new pipework to the sump to give more 'swim' room.

My lighting is a LED unit full length of the tank which is rated at 240 watt. This can be adjusted and in fact at the moment, I am only running at 65% for the marine system.

I would want to have a fully planted tropical set up and my main concerns are what water to use. tap water or RO water?
What will be the best form of filtration for the sump?
Will my lights be ok just turned down?
Will I be able to use my present power heads or would it be advisable to get smaller ones?

Looking forward to any advise.

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Hi Dennis. I think your lighting is just fine for a planted tank. With that wattage, you should be able to grow all but the most demanding plants.

In a planted tank, biological and mechanical filtration are the two most important factors. For some reason, planted tanks tend to really produce a lot of gunk that can clog up mechanical filtration so having a prefilter and several different densities of filter pads can help. Rinsing the filter pads weekly will also help although I don't know . . . I'm going off experience with a hang-on-back power filter so it could be totally different with a sump system.

Your powerheads should be fine but you'll want to set them so that they provide a gentle current that circulates nutrients throughout the plants. Some plants, but not all, prefer stiller and calmer waters.

Water: that depends on your water. Most plants do best in moderately soft to moderately hard water. If you use RO water, you will want to add a supplement like Seachem Equilibrium to boost the GH to where plants like it.
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