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Male Molly picking on females?

So, the 10 gallon has finally cycled. To my surprise the mollies didn't give birth during the process!! I have one male and two female black mollies. The male is particularly aggressive to the females sometimes, especially around feeding time.

I've noticed that one female has been clamping her fins a bit lately but not seriously often. She's still eating and all. We went and got a fish today (using the 10 gallon to QT him) and I was sitting there looking in the tank and noticed one of the females has light patches on her. The other female has one. I can't get too close to them as they are very skittish but here is kinda what it looks like (the spots on the body not the fuzz on the head)

I don't know what it is. It doesn't appear to be raised at all but now I'm worried about my new fish that's in with them. The 75 isn't going to be done cycling for about two more weeks and I cannot do fish-in. I don't have a QT to move the fish to. I am considering euthanizing them. I was going to return them to the store when the cycle was complete but I don't want to return sick fish and I don't want them. They were most likely going to be food for the new fish (Oscar) once it gets bigger but it's the same size as them right now.

Is it fungus? Ich? Scarring from being bitten by the aggressive male? Will raising or lowering the temp help? I really don't want to medicate this freshly cycled tank if I can avoid it. /: these spots weren't there yesterday that I saw.
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Give the mollys a salt bath in another container. I use a five gallon bucket and add five table spoons of rock salt. I start with two table spoons of salt and add the rest one by one every ten minutes until five spoonfullys are in. If you use an air pump they can usually hang in there for close to an hours. If it is a parisite, it will be toast, if fungus it will dicolor and can be treated with fungus meds.
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I put them in my 1 gallon water change bucket overnight and they aren't looking well. I'll add some salt
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