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Making you own peat

I was wondering if anyone has tried to make their own peat, to use for lowering the Ph of there tank...........I believe i read a while back that oak leaves will lower the Ph.......I was thinking about getting dried oak leaves and shredding them and placing in a filter sock and soaking in a tub of water for awhile and see what the Ph is after a few weeks...........Has anyone ever done this or had success with using oak leaves for Ph lowering?...........Any and all suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated
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The first method is the use of a layer Oak leaves on the bottom of the tank. A layer that is two or three inches thick makes an amazing labyrinth for your fish to swim through, hide in and reproduce in. In their natural habitats most dwarf cichlids are associated with leaves and in some places incredible densities of fish have been recorded in leaf chocked waters. I recommend Oak leaves for a couple of reasons. They are a stiff leaf when dried and will retain much of their stiffness when waterlogged. This means that they will hold their shape to create great caves and passages. Oak leaves also contain tannins that will help to soften your water and many believe that these tannins contain beneficial compounds that aid the fish. Be aware that the same tannins that provide these benefits will slowly staining your water a darker color, the exact shade depending on the amount of leaves you use, the species of Oak and the age and storage of the leaves. Oak trees grow in most parts of the country and it is usually a simple thing to collect leaves in the fall. Be sure to wait for the leaves to dry naturally and fall off. These will be better leaves than those collected green and dried. Take care where you collect from as in some places trees are sprayed with chemicals that can be harmful to your fish.

I got this from Good Habitat for Dwarf Cichlids

allot of good information I found while researching for fish.
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Thanks for the info Krinedawg..............I also have done research since the post and found alot of good info, but one question i still can not find an answer to is:.........What TYPE of oak?........Where i live here in PA, i can walk thru the woods and find red oak, white oak, pin oak and i believe what they call black oak.........Is the leaves from one tree better than the others?..........I think i will probably go with the white oak...........I know of a large stand near my house where i can collect some fallen leaves..........I'm doing this to get my tetra breeding tank at optimal conditions for breeding........My main tetra tank is at 6.2 and i would like to get the breeder tank down to 6.0 or lower to induce the fish.........I'll keep you posted on my results......Thanks again!
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