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I did read your first post. Something has thrown your balance off and you may be going through a mini cycle.
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ok, so what do i do to get the nitites back down.
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Do frequent water changes and don't forget the water conditioner. I use Prime, which eliminates chlorine and chloramine and also binds up ammonia and nitrites. I know you said you don't want to use chemicals but you have to use something to make the water safe for your tank anyway, and it's kind of a bonus with Prime if you need it. Don't overfeed.
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i use tetra's aquasafe to make tap water ok. do i need to add anything to feed the bacteria so they dont all die off with no fish in there producing amonia
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I would skip feeding for a day or two and get those nitrites down with water changes. Then you'll have to add fish in a couple at a time every 1-2 weeks (depending on the kind) and monitor water parameters very closely to build up to where you were. There will still be some bacteria in there that will grow with addition of new fish. The key is not to add too rapidly or you can mini cycle again.
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so your saying i should add some fish to my tank even with the nitrites where there at. i havent been feeding anything for a few days, because i dont have any fish in there now. i was thinking of getting a few danos tomorrow just to see if that helps, but i think my nitrites will kill them. i just dont know what to do. the water changes arent bringing my nitrites down at all.

i do thank you for your continued support with this problem.
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No, I'm saying DON'T add more fish until you've resolved your water parameters. If you do a 50% water change, your nitrites should go from 2 down to 1. So do that tomorrow. Then do 20% daily until they're down to zero. I know it's a pain in the butt to haul so much water but that's what needs to be done. If you're not already using a liquid test kit, those are recommended over test strips for accuracy. The API Master Test Kit runs about $30 where I am but contains over 700 tests so you get your money's worth.

When you're ready to add fish, danios would be a great species to start with.
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i have the master test from api. and i did a 20gal water change tonight, and tested about an hour later. the nitrites where still the same. its very frustrating. if i get a rock or somthing from another tank. will that help out alot or just alittle.
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If the rock comes from an established tank, it will help introduce more of the good bacteria, but it will not be an instant fix.
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VERY easy answer! Test your water with a quality liquid test kit at LEAST once a day for ammonia nitrite and nitrate, 20% water changes each time a reading is off, and I HIGHLY recommend BioSpira (which is not a chemical).

Here are the websites I used to learn about cycling and how to cycle.


I am thinking if those fish were in that tank for 10 years and then they were moved... that is very stressful and probably caused their deaths, unless the water parameters were off beforehand and it just got worse.


Pardon the pun, but I'm hooked!
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