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Looking for a high quality spirulina flake food..

I know omega one is a great brand but not impressed with the protein content of there spirulina. Any suggestions brand wise who has the best spirulina flake?
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I would ditch everything and go with New Life Spectrum Exclusively. IME it is by far the best brand on the market and when fed exclusively can achieve things I have never seen any other foods every do. Most of my customers and clients who use it exclusively find their fish are more colorful and healthy and that their tanks are cleaner.

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I'm brand new to tropical fish, but have to agree with Fishguy. I've only been using NLS for about a week, but after just reading the ingredients, I was majorly impressed. Read its ingredients, then read other brands' ingredients. That was more than enough for me. It might cost a little more, and initially, I was reluctant to try it just because of that, but now that I bought the 10.6 oz., and seen how many pellets are in there (its crammed full, RIGHT up to the top!) I know that it'll last me a LONG time, and that $17 is a small price to pay for all the wonderful ingredients and peace of mind that my fish are getting everything they need. NLS Cichlid formula includes:

Whole krill, whole herring, whole wheat, algae meal, Beta Carotene, spirulina, garlic, vegetable and fruit extract (spinach, red and green cabbage, pea, brocolli, red pepper, zucchini, tomato, kiwi, apricot, pear, mango, apple, papaya, peach. Then a long list of vitamins and minerals. IMO, no other prepared fish food can compare. Quality foods are just as important for our pets as for ourselves.

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Another +1 to NLS. It's the only flake food I feed.
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Looks like I'll grab some more NLS. Already had the stable wafers and small fish formula, I'll be adding the thera a now.
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