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looking for fish for the top of the aquarium

I have a 20 gallon moderately planted tank. My ph is 7.5 and I keep the temp at 78. I currently have 5 neon tetras, 5 glow light tetras and a pair of bolivian rams. I'm looking for a fish that will stay at the top of the tank most of the time. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking maybe a female betta or two? Could I safely keep a male betta? I'm open for any suggestions. Thanks.
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Hatchetfish will stay up top. Make sure you have a lid, they will jump.
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African butterfly stay on surface. Love hatchetfish.
Be carefull of your stock level.

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African Butterflies need a BIG tank. Hatchetfish need a school of 5. Female Betta need a school of 5 or 6. A fiesty male Betta would hold his own with the rest of your stock. A short-finned plakat type. But I wouldn't expect him to stay near the top. They're very curious and really like to get around.

How big are your Rams? How aggressive are they?
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My rams are just under 2"s. They have a calm temperment most of the time. I've only seen them chase each other once or twice. 90% of the time they stay right by each other.
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I tried a betta with glo-lights and they tore his fins up :(
What about a dwarf gourami?
Again, he'd patrol the whole of the tank, but they spend a lot of time near the surface.
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Thanks everyone. I went with a pair of fire honey gouramis. They have really nice color and won't get over 2"s. I attached a pic. Don't mind one of my rams in the back round, they love to come up to the glass to visit any time I come near the tank. lol.
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Originally Posted by Hallyx View Post
African Butterflies need a BIG tank.
I have to disagree. They only grow to about 4 inches and all they do is float. Extremely inactive, boring fish to keep IME. But cool looking!

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Honey Gouramis are very nice fish too.
Did you manage to get a male/female pair?
If so the male is gorgeous when he's puttin' da moves on :P
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Honestly not sure if they are a male/female pair. I just tried to pick two of the most colorful. lol.
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