Looking for advice on moving fish
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Looking for advice on moving fish

This is a discussion on Looking for advice on moving fish within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Well it is now looking like it is 99% official that I am going to be moving in about a month and half or ...

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Looking for advice on moving fish
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Wink Looking for advice on moving fish

Well it is now looking like it is 99% official that I am going to be moving in about a month and half or so. It is looking like the middle of November is going to be the move date, and with living in Michigan and the fact that it is probably going to be cold at this time and my luck the snow will be flying I have decided that I need to start planning a game plan now on the move for my fish. Luckily the distance is not going to be too far, just a mile down the road. My questions are as follows

What would be the best way to transport the fish? Plastic bags I don't feel is vey feasiable with the number and the size of some of these fish. The fish that are going to be making the move are angelfish, corys, platys, tetras from my 50 gallon. In one of my 20 gallons is a pair of convict cichlids along with their fry. In the other 20 gallon I have somewhere near 60 or so platy fry. About 30 of them I am hoping that I will have sold to the lfs before then, but it is possible that I will have more fry before then. In my 5 gallon is a betta. Some of the fish like the betta I could do a bag, but with the fish like my angels and convicts I am thinking about using 5 gallon buckets.

Along with the fish I have a large number of live plants that I am going to be moving also, buckets for these also? I am thinking that I will place my sponge filters into a bucket or two.

In addition to this I figure that I will need several buckets to place my sand and gravel substrates into.

My plan is to have about 2 weeks or so to complete the move, so I should be able to move all 5 tanks in the course of a few days. The smaller tanks I will be able to do on my own, the 50 gallon will be the one which I will need to have help with. I am planning on my brother and one of his friends helping with moving that tank.

Any major things that I am missing? I plan on having the car warmed up before taking the fish out. Also at the new place I have storage containers that I used when I changed over my substrate that I could place the fish into and run a filter while I am setting the tank back up.

I want to make sure that I take my time in getting everything that I will need for making the move, and that I try to get everything planned out so that hopefully everyone will make the move with as little stress as possible. If you have made it to the end of this thanks for sticking along, and I would appreciate any advice for those who have moved their fish, especially when dealing with multiple tanks
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You have the advantage of a very short move down the road - not much more than a move between rooms really. We tend to over emphasize moves - take into account that fish are often shipped great distances over several days in plastic bags, wrapped with paper, inside cardboard boxes and most often make the trip okay (although I've been been a fish making the journey).
Some of your fish could easily be transported in gallon ziploc bags inside a cooler. Others may be better off in 5 gallon pails (don't forget to get lids to minimize the spillage in the 'car'. If it's really cold, you might wrap the 5 gallon pail(s) in a blanket.

We can presume that with such a short distance, the water is prolly the same. Even still, you might want to acclimate the fish to the new fresh water. I like to setup a drip line from the tank to the container with the fish so that temperature and chemistry slowly equalize.

Good luck - I'm sure you'll do fine.
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