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This is a discussion on Look what I got :D within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Great, yea go DIY as much as you can if your handy you can save a ton, I actually made my own version of ...

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Great, yea go DIY as much as you can if your handy you can save a ton, I actually made my own version of a python myself that hooks up to my shower head since the bathroom is closer to my tank then the sink, you can get cheap lights at walmart or lowes/ home depot that will do just as good a job.
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Three cheers for DIY *CHEAP* lighting! That's wonderful, you'll have to post up a step-by-step and let us know how it goes for you!

I've never kept German blues, but they're notoriously sensitive. . . if you do decide to keep them, make sure you add them after everything else is well-established. I do have Bolivian rams, however, and I adore them. Wonderful creatures, and from what I've read they are very much like the German Blues in behavior, but tend to be easier to keep and more hearty in general (not nearly as colorful, though gorgeous in their own right). In EITHER case, do a lot of research before-hand with these. They really do need softer water to thrive, and though you might be able to convince Bolivians to 'deal with' and adapt to parameters that aren't perfectly suited to them, from what I've read, the German Blues are much fussier with their requirements. The question of how many is one that seems to be debated quite often, some say it is best to keep only one, or a mated pair (simply choosing a male and a female doesn't seem to work out very often), while others prefer to keep them in a shoal of 5+. As far as the tetra are concerned. . . my Bolivians haven't caused them any harm, and I have teeny tiny jellybean tetra. My rams haven't tried mating yet, though, so I don't know if their aggression while spawning could be a potential problem. For NOW, having no experience with that side of them yet, I have to say that I kind of doubt it will be a problem if/when that time comes. . .
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I've pretty much finalized my planting and stocking lists.
Corkscrew Vals x 10
Amazon Sword x 3
Red Melon Sword x 4
Narrow leaf Chain Sword x 4
Brazilian Pennywort x 4

I plan to *hopefully* be able to order the plants in the next few weeks. Then I just need to find a couple pieces of driftwood. And I've also decided to try Indian Almond leaves to help with the Blackwater effect I want. I'd really like to be able to maintain a 6.8 to 7.0 pH, and everything I've read said that these are the easiest and cheapest way to go about that without chemicals. I found a really reputable supplier on eBay. They will also help with the "littered leaf river bed" look.
I've also decided to just stick with the black sand I have even though it isn't biotope appropriate, but everything else will be so I'm not that worried about it

Fish: (link to pictures)
20 Ember Tetra
15 Green Fire Tetra
5 Peppered Cory
5 Skunk Cory
5 Panda Cory
1 Farlowella
with the possibility of either a trio German Blue Rams or Bolivian Rams down the road.

My plan for stocking is to split them into groups:
10 Ember & 5 Cories
wait 2-3 weeks
8 Green Fire & 5 Cories
2-3 weeks
10 Ember & 5 Cories
2-3 weeks
7 Green Fire
4 weeks
1 Farlowella

One reason for this plan is to not overwhelm the biofilter, the other reason is finances.

So, this week I should be able to get a new light fixture from Lowe's.
In two weeks, ordering the new lids, thermometer, and light bulbs. Also, the IAL.
In four weeks, *crosses fingers* ordering the plants and starting the cycle if needed (the filter and substrate should still be full of BB from previously being cycled).
In eight weeks, first order of fish.

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Sounds like a wonderfully laid-out plan! So excited!
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whoa das awesome
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Just realized a little while ago that I still have to pay my friend for the tank AND pay our taxes, so I might have to push this back a couple of weeks...
Hopefully we will be able to set up a payment plan on the taxes, so that shouldn't put too much of a kink in the plans *crosses fingers*
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