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This is a discussion on Look what I got :D within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I just finished a pretty much final draft of my plants list based off of AquariumPlants.com Does anyone have any experience with them? Good ...

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Old 09-14-2012, 01:10 PM   #11
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I just finished a pretty much final draft of my plants list based off of AquariumPlants.com
Does anyone have any experience with them? Good or bad.

The list includes:
Jungle Vals (a bunch of ten plants) for $8.90
Corkscrew Vals (a bunch of ten) for $7.50
Red Melon Sword (3 plants) for $2.41 each
Amazon Sword (3 plants) for $2.63 each
Red Rubin Sword (2 plants) for $7.69 each
Narrow leaf Chain Sword (2 plants) for $3.73 each
Brazilian Pennywort (3 bunches of 6-8 stems) for $2.99 each

That brings the total to $63.33 before shipping. Should I go with the Next Day Air shipping? Or would 2nd Day Air be ok? $38.96 vs $17.07

Also, do you think that would be enough Pennywort to cover the surface or should I get a couple more?
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Old 09-14-2012, 07:26 PM   #12
Sketch looks cool! (Newbie here) That's actually a really good idea to plan a tank with drawings.
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Old 09-14-2012, 07:54 PM   #13
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Do you know what the Gh (general hardness) of your water is? It actually does apply to plants, for example, Vals sometiems don't do quite as well in softer water. . .
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Old 09-14-2012, 08:34 PM   #14
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The last time I tested it was 140 ppm with 8 dKH.
I'm going to do a full water testing on Sunday cuz I haven't done it in a couple of weeks.
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Old 09-14-2012, 09:50 PM   #15
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So you're kind of dead in the middle as far as hardness is concerned! You should be able to do a great job with most plants, though I don't personally have experience with many on your list. . .

Both of the forms of Vallisneria you've listed I have kept, and have had 50/50 luck with. They like moderate lighting, I think you should be fine with them - I suspect that the issues I had were related to my water being soft than anything else - it's worth a try for sure, I bet they'll do very well for you!

Pennywort I have, and love - it's a wonderful plant! Grows really quickly in my experience, and can be rooted or left floating. Though it does well for me in my low-mod light tank(s) it really does prefer brighter lighting. Just to keep in mind - if it doesn't do so well in your tank, let it float where it will be at the top of the tank, and thus be able to take advantage of the higher lighting closer to the hood :) It sounds like you're PLANNING to let it float, anyway, so I'd say save your money! If it is happy it'll grow super fast, and you'll have full-coverage before you know it! If you decide to plant it in the substrate, you might have to prune it often if it does well to keep it from hogging all of the light. I consider this a good thing!

Pygmy Chain Swords I have, and love. I've had no problems with them, and they grow like crazy, but I have found that they do prefer brighter lighting. The height that they grow to seems to vary depending on where in my tank I have them. If they're in an area where the light is brighter, they grow very well, send off tons of runners, and stay fairly low to the ground (as you expect them to do!) IF, however, the brighter lighting is blocked by either floating plants, or another larger plant above them, they tend to stretch out long and tall in search of the light, don't send off *AS* many daughter plants, but they still keep on trucking!

There are SO many varieties of swordplant out there, and I've only kept very few, so I'll leave it to other, more experienced tankers to chime in with help on these guys. . .

Depending on where in the world you are. . . this time of year the temps are starting to drop. They aren't SO hot during the afternoon, and aren't SO cold at night. To be honest, it's the PERFECT time of year to be shipping plants all over the known universe, and I'd be perfectly comfortable choosing 2nd day shipping and saving a bundle of money for something else you need :)

Keep in mind that EVERY tank is it's own universe, and what works for one person in their tanks may not work for another - even if the tanks, lights, ferts, etc are identical. . . Just thought I'd mention it, because I've had the random plant or two that SHOULD have done great in the conditions of my tank totally fail, but thrive in another of my tanks in which it technically ought to have failed! It's really going to be a bit of trial-and-error in the beginning to find out what works best for you. If a particular plant just doesn't seem to like your tank very much, don't worry too much about it - there are others that will do amazingly well!

I hope this helped!!!

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Asyr (09-16-2012)
Old 09-16-2012, 06:51 PM   #16
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I've had really good luck with the plants in my ten gallon so far, except for the Anacharis that I melted with Excel but that was my fault and not the water's.

I'm looking at purchasing two new 24" fluorescent strip lights, but I can't figure out if these are T5 or T8, and which bulbs would be best? Would 18000K be overkill or too bright? Should I just go with 5500K rated for plant growth?

Unfortunately I live in Northwest Florida where it is still pretty warm right now, but I'm not going to have the funds to order plants til probably the end of October and it should be much cooler by then.

How hard is it to change from a HOB filter to a Canister? I'm already not very fond of the filter that came with the tank. The water flow seems way too hard/fast and it is kinda noisy. I would really like to switch to a Eheim Classic Canister 2215. Should I do the filter switch before I start stocking the tank? Or what is the best method for switching after stocking?
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Old 09-16-2012, 08:17 PM   #17
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You can buy an adapter for a kitchen sink faucet you can buy any old garden hose and fill it up that way. You can also do water changes as such as well. Water python (and imitators) use the water pressure to do water changes and gravel vacuuming. Wasteful on water though. I finally bought a 55 gallon rubbermaid brute, put a heater in that, and use that for the water changes.
Enjoy the new tank.
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Asyr (09-19-2012)
Old 09-16-2012, 09:40 PM   #18
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post updates here, congrats on the new tank, I love the cories myself and would go with 3-4 different species with 2-3 of each. Invest in a Python hose for filling and water changes, it will make things alot easier.
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Asyr (09-19-2012)
Old 09-18-2012, 10:11 AM   #19
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*giggle* I always draw up my tanks before I lay them out, too - I think it's way easier to have an idea of where you're going with things. Easier on the plants, too, because there's less moving around when this or that doesn't look like it's in the right spot, lol!

I'm so not a lighting expert, but I have the standard hood like the one you're looking at, with Hagen's 20-Watt Life-Glo 2 fluorescent bulbs replacing the ones that came standard. My tank is low-tech, and low-light, but in my 29g and so far in the 55, my plants seem to be doing well. If you want super bright lighting, you may have to look into adding Co2 and going high-tech, because with more lighting you'll have to adjust the balance with your Co2 and nutrients to make sure everything stays in balance - and to keep algae from getting a foothold. I'm not the one to ask about these things, though. . . it might be a good idea to start a separate lighting thread (if you haven't already) in the planting forum. There are many folks who hang out over there that can probably help you out with far more experience!

I just changed from a HOB to that exact canister filter! The thing is so quiet. . . and I can see that it's doing a good job. The change was easy enough - I had 2 HOB filters in the 55g tank, and I put the media from one of the HOB into the canister to help seed it, and left the other one on for an extra week or so just to make sure I didn't cause any flux in the cycle. I'm still feeling a little bit nervous about actually dealing with the canister as far as cleaning it and such is concerned, but. . . I'm sure I'll get used to it with a little bit of time There is no doubt that it was a good change for the tank as a whole.
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Asyr (09-19-2012)
Old 09-19-2012, 08:10 PM   #20
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twocents: I found a really easy cheap DIY plan for a python, so I'm gonna try it that way. I don't understand what you mean about the 55 gallon rubbermaid. Do you drain your tank water into it? Or are you filling the tank with the water from it? I'm confused. (LOL which is a pretty normal state for me anyways)

hanky: that is the plan for the cories right now. 3 schools of 4 each. Julii, Peppered, and Skunk.

Chesh: On the DIY website I found, they have "plans" for a cheap DIY lighting. It is basically a shop light in whatever length you want, with the aquarium bulbs instead of regular bulbs. I can get a 48" with double bulbs for about $17, whereas a 24" aquarium light is $25, so $50 for 2 24". Now I can spend the money on new lids instead :D
I really want to try to stay low tech. I do dose my 10 gallon with Excel about once a week, but it only take 1ml for the 10 gallon, so it could get expensive to do the 55 with that. We will just have to see. I plan on using Flourish tabs in the substrate for ferts and most of the plants I've chosen seem to be pretty hardy and not require a lot of efforts, but we will see.

I've had several people suggest adding a trio of German Blue Rams to my tank. Do any of you have any experience with them? I've read all about them, and even though they are beautiful, they seem to be really sensitive. I'd also worry about them being aggressive with the Ember Tetras. And I only say that because when I checked aqadvisor.com it gives a warning about housing them together.
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