A Lonely Gourami?
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A Lonely Gourami?

This is a discussion on A Lonely Gourami? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> When I first started out I got myself 4 Gourami. As many of you might remember, one of my Gourami killed 2 of the ...

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A Lonely Gourami?

When I first started out I got myself 4 Gourami. As many of you might remember, one of my Gourami killed 2 of the others, I removed the nasty fish and was left with one Opaline Gourami. She (at least I think she is a she) is a very easy going fish. She is not aggressive at all and seems to get along with everyone including new born Guppy fry.

The thing is, she seems lonely. I feel bad for this fish as she is most often by herself and I cannot help but think I should be doing something about that. I don't want to add another Gourami for fear of it being mean like the Gold one was. The Gold one was about to do in my girl here when it was removed from the tank. After that happened this one (now named Blue) seemed comfortable and relaxed but as time went on and she grew up, she seemed lonely.

I wonder if I should add the Angels to the Gourami tank sooner then later? What could I do to make her happier or is it just a lonely life when you are a Gourami?
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i had an opaline for about 2 months, they only carry males at my LFS so i only added the one. mine def seemed sad too plus with mollies and platies and guppies and cories i t hink it was just too much excitement for the little guy, he was beautiful tho :(

no real imput here just sympathizing
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