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Live plants for beginners

So ive been given many suggestions on different types of plants to get for my 10 gallon aquarium, can someone give me good advice on how to maintain and care for live plants in a aquarium. Also the type of plant, where can I purchase these plants for an affordable price I live in N.Y. and is it possible to still do gravel vacuum cleans with the plants in there.

Lastly for fun can everyone show me their planted 10 gallon aquarium set ups :).
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Crypt Wendtii well-known to “melt” away after purchase but coming back strong

Anacharis the best floater there is

Anubias is one of the only plants that actually prefers low lighting

Vallisneria another plant suitable for every aquarium, although it is not Goldfish proof

Java fern maybe the ez of all the aquarium plants

Echinodorus everyones says this is ez I can grow it at all

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Okay I got 2 heavily planted tanks and 1 shell dweller tank with thriving anubis nana, so I know a thing or 2 about plants. First u need good lighting 1-2 wpg of 6,500k daylight. Also some good substrate, I would recommend flourite if u r not going to do bottom feeders or flourite black sand if u are going corys, loaches or anything that digs. Than u need some nutrients and co2 to help get them thrive. Pressurized co2 is great but I personally don't have the $ for it and there r other choices. I use flourish excel for co2 along with DIY co2. For nutrients I use flourish, flourish potassium, and flourish trace, u dont need these but they will help. U will not need iron because flourite is like almost all iron. Believe it or not but actually a LITTLE overstocking or a LITTLE overfeeding will benift ur plants. Because plants fed on nitrates, phosphates, nitrite, and ammonia. But only do that if u heavily plant ur tank, cus if there is only a couple plants than algae will grow. Sorry I can't post pic on this device but I will try to on my laptop later. I don't live in N.Y. but hear in Connecticut I get my plants from LFSs or even petco. I actually went today to a petco and found out that at the end of Feb. for only a couple days all freshwater fish and plants r 50% off. So then would be a good time to plant ur tanks. U can still use a gravel vacuum put the plant roots with eat the poop and food in there so u really don't have to. If u use the sand just syphon about an inch over the sand and ur good. Some easy plants are anubis, java fern, mosses, moss balls, bacopa, some crypts, most swords, water sprite, valls, water wisteria, a few rotala types, dwarf lilies, hornwort, duckweed, frogbit, dwarf water lettuce. U also what the plants to have a gentle sway to they to keep algae from growing and keeps sediments off the leaves. Hope this helps.
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In a basic 10g tank, you'll want to make sure that you have full spectrum lighting. If you're using the standard hood that comes with the tank, you'll be in the lower light range for plants, so I second (and third!) the recommendations for crypts, Java ferns, Anubias, and mosses, common sword plants do well, too. I've had decent luck with stem plants, such as anacharis, in my 10g setups, and floating plants are always fun!

Plants that are rooted into the substrate (such as swords and crypts) do best with a root tab at their base every three monthsish, and I give my tanks a single dose of flourish every week. Works for me - very easy! ^_^

There are many that do not clean the substrate with planted tanks, But I prefer to keep mine clean! You can still use a gravel vac, but you will want to be careful not to overly disturb the roots of the plants.

I think we have a couple of members from NY - but I'm not one of them! Good luck with your hunt! These are all VERY common plants, that around here can be found in almost any aquarium shop that carries live plants.

Here's two 10g setups. . .

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Ahem not to change the topic but what sand is that in that tank, Jes? :D

But anyways, plants that I haven't killed include crypts (though I'm in the process!), Anubis, Java fern, vallisneria. :) so I repeat what many have already said. You should be able to find these fairly easily and not too expensive.

Cleaning the gravel with a planted tank is something that has eluded me since I began. I think you will do fine to vacuum the portions that are not planted and stay a few inches from the base of the plants.
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i always recommend to base plant selection on equipment,ph/gh/kh, temperature and how much time you are willing to put into upkeep.this will help you find something that will work in your personal setup,without the headaches of buying the wrong plant, having it die on you and losing money and to always research before you buy. peachii and aokashi have plant packages from time to time on this site. find out what kinds of plants will work for you and start a wtb(wanted to buy) thread in the classifieds section.these are much better deals than going to the fish store and being disappointed by their selection.for beginner tanks it is best to go low light,low tech.
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bettas-goldfish-shrimp-snails-planted tanks

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thank you everyone this helped out a lot im definitely gonna do my research on these plants to make sure I don't end up doing anything wrong
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