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Little Change makes a big difference!

I was a little unhappy with how my planted 55 was looking.

I had this Huge Tangled mess of a floating plant that was basically a big ball in the mid section of my tank which i THINK was causing my fish to mostly hang out in 1/2 of the tank

Over the weekend i decided it had to go and i pitched it.

i also decided that the return on my fluval 305 which was pointing toward the front of the tank and digging a hole in my sand, needed to be redirected.

So i pointed it down the length of the tank instead.

Now my Denison Barbs and my Rainbows are so much more active!

They used to just hang out in one half of the tank now they race back and forth up and down and generally look much happier.

redirecting the flow has also caused all the detrious to gather in one corner where i can easily suck it up!

anyway, no questions just sharing an experience!
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Don't you just love how a little redecorating can make your fish much happier? I'm glad you and your fish are happy with your work.

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You might also reduce the flow on your fluval - it doesn't need to pump full blast.

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it is reduced when it was pointed back to front i had it dialed down as far as was recommended and it was still digging a hole.

i know the Denison Barbs like a good current so its probalby half to 2/3 right now pointed end to end.
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