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lights how long?

could someone please tell me how long the light should be on for in a aquarium my betta swims ok with light on but sounds silly but seems to be more relaxed with fins flowing betterwhen light off
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Unless you have live plants in the aquarium, it doesn't really matter. It shouldn't be kept on 24/7, becuase the fish need a rest too, but other than that you don't need to be exact. I turn on my lights (in my plantless tanks) sometime in the morning, and then turn them off in the evening. Somewhere around 8-10 hours. You could leave it on for less though, if your fish seems more comfortable with it off.
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again thanks for your reply i'll leave the light off bit longer the light as been on usally 10-12 hours thanks again
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I leave it on 10-12 hrs since my tank is very well planted.
Other than that, I try to mimic the daylight time in the tank.. as soon as it gets dark outside I turn the lamp off and turn on a smaller light.
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If you have no real plants, turn it on while you are there to enjoy the fish and leave it off the rest of the time. Bettas are not great lovers of bright lights so usually the general room lighting is enough for the fish. If you have plants, they will determine how much light you need.
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thanks to everybody for their help my betta is looking great
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I heard that bettas feel exposed when light is put upon them. I guess they feel revealed to predators or somethin
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cheers thanks for your comment
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There really is no reason to leave the light on when you are not around.... most of the time during the day, there is enough light that i can see and interact with my bettas. i mess with them later in the night sometimes (as im a bit nocturnal :P), but the pattern is pretty repetitive. Just use your good judgment as to not leave the light on too much.
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Yes, making the pattern as repetitive as possible is also good for your betta. It will cause him a lot less stress.
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