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lighting set up

This is a discussion on lighting set up within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I am going to use three 48" T8 two bulb fixtures. But they will not be on all the time. The first fixture will ...

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lighting set up

I am going to use three 48" T8 two bulb fixtures. But they will not be on all the time. The first fixture will turn and two hours later the next and two hours later the last fixture and then two hours later the first fixture will turn off then two hours later the next fixture and then eventually the last fixture.
I will be using around 40 1/4 watt different colors led's to help with making the colors in the tank stand out. Then at night I will be using some moon light led's.

Has anyone tried something like this? It will be for my 75g planted freshwater aquarium.
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Depending upon the tube spectrum, during the periods when more than just two of the tubes are on, you will have intense light over this tank. No mention is made of nutrients to balance (including CO2), but without them algae will have an easy time. I only have two 48-inch tubes (64 watts total) over my 70g and I have to limit the duration to control algae.

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I have triple tube fixture by Aqueon over 80 gallon tank which holds three 32 watt T8 bulbs on for eight hours a day.
Any longer ,and algae begins to form on leaves near the surface.
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That's the thing. All the lights will only be on for two hours. The four bulbs for for four hours and two bulbs for six hours. The hours are just very rough estimate yet. Just showing what it will be like. I am planing on useing soft white and daylight in the first or back fixture then the middle will have a daylight bulbs, then the final fixture will be soft white and 10,000k.
Trying to simulate the sun going over head. First bulbs = sun coming up in the morning. Back and middle fixture= the sun between morning and noon and then all three fixtures on will be high noon and so on and on.
The leds are just 1/4 watt things. Just to add more color.
I will be running a co2 set up with a 10# bottle and if I do start having problems I will be able to turn on the algea grower that will be outside of the tank or if all else fails I can play with the lighting. Oh I am going to be using good substrate made for plants. substrate/gravel/sand.
I hope you understand. I am terriable at explaining things.
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