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Again, I appologize should this question have come up before:

Are there any low heat alternatives to the normal incandecent lightbulbs that go into aquarium hoods?

I have this little hex tank (It said 2 gal, but I was hard pressed to put more than 1 gal in that baby at any given time) and reuse it for a Betta.But my house is on the warm side, plus a bit dark, I want the poor ting to have light without cooking in his own juices...
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hmm... you should be able to screw in fluorescent bulb in there..

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They make those fluorescent that fit in the same hood? About 4 inches with the screw end, about 1, 1 1/2?

I got them in regular and plant buld, but they generate so much heat, fluarescent would be great.
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Use a compact fluorescent bulb. They are screw base (like the "old fashioned" incadescent light bulbs) but give more light with less wattage/power and little heat. Rhonda Wilson, who authors the monthly planted tank column in TFH, commented in one of her articles that the old incadescent hoods were again useable with the compact bulbs, so money saved and plants grow well. There are several bulb types available (warm white, cool white, bright white...).

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many thanks, I will look for them!
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look for CFL (compact florescent light) they give crazy light for low low watts. they use the same type of fitting that a regular lamp bulb would use. you can get these in many many sizes and wattage that will all fit ur tank (except for how large the actually light is) cfls are the best, they will make the plants in ur tank very happy. plants love cfls some people also use them with hydroponics. not to mention the bulb type ones are about the same cost of a lightbulb but better performance and less power usage. :D

im pretty sure they are sold everywhere even ur local cvs walgreens walmart im sure even some gas stations sell them noadays happy hunting.

ps they are the bulbs that spiral around but have the same base as a regualr bulb

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