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thanks for the quick reply lupin :) is there anything else I can do to help speed up the process of the re-cycle aside from cutting down on the feedings and increasing the water changes?

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0) If you have access to 50Mu media place this media in your filtration process (note that this media may require daily changing).
1) Do not feed for three days.
2) Massive water changes will adversely affect the ecosystem and therefore do not perform them unless you feel that toxicity may exist.
3) During the three day period in which you do not feed perform 15% WC's.
4) For three days subsequent to the three day fasting (which it will probably not be due to the quantity which you have been feeding) feed what you perceive to be a "starvation diet" for four days and continue the 15%WC's.
a. I believe that what you feel to be a starvation diet will actually be a sufficient diet.
b. I also believe that after the above described seven day regime the ecosystem of your aquarium will have returned (or substantially so) to a more desirable uniform, steady state condition.
5)Subsequent to the above described seven day period feed in accordance with following rules of thumb for an additional seven days:
a) Flakes: Feed only the quantity which can be observed to be consumed prior to the flakes reaching the 2/3 depth of the tank.
b) Meaty foods (brine shrimp, beef heart mixture, etc) feed only the quantity which can be observed to be consumed within 10 minutes of feeding.
c) I say "observed" in a) and b) above in that mild snacking will still be available to bottom dwellers.
6) Based on your water test results and observation of your fish during this 2nd seven day period you should be able to determine the "right feeding quantity" for you aquarium's ecosystem.
I have lost track here!

Can you provide in enumerated form
1) the size of your tank (if of irregular geometry the volume of the tank also);
2) the type of size of fish in your tank;
3) the plants, if any, and the approximate percentage of the tank volume which they appear to usurp;
4) your filtration equipment and your filtration process and
5) the water parameters of your tap water?

Where I am coming from here is:
Algae are photosynthetic organisms but share some common characteristics with respect to reproduction as bacteria.
Please refer to

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ok let me do my best here hehe

1) the tank is a standard wal-mart 29 gallon rectangular
2) 2 3" blue gourami, 3 3" green severum, 4 cory cats, 1 5" common pleco, and 7 glowlight tetras. please note the severums and pleco are only in there until the 110 gallon tank is finished cycling :)
3)all plastic plants, and nothing too big or space consuming
4) filter is a regent aqua tech 20-40. it sucks, and i know it i will be upgrading, but i want another filter that will run side by side with it, so i want it to stabilize first.
5)tap water is just peachy. its well water, not city water. i dont have hardness numbers but 7.4ph and no nitrites, trates, or ammonia.

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