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Just an update

This is a discussion on Just an update within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hi! I just wanted to give an update on my tank! I was having so many problems when I started off but everything seems ...

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Talking Just an update

I just wanted to give an update on my tank! I was having so many problems when I started off but everything seems to have settled down now. I made may mistakes and lost more fish than I'd care to lose again in a short period of time. But things are finally looking up!

The latest thing I have been battling is white spot. I didn't know what it was, at first I thought they looked like tiny air bubbles on the fish. It was my sister who told me they were definitely spots so I goggled it! The next day I went to the shop and bought something for it. Started treatment but lost all 6 of my poor rummy nose tetras. I didn't have a hospital tank so I couldn't separate the sick fish. My 6 neon tetras and 6 glow light tetras both got a few spots BUT they have survived!!!! I had one oto which didn't get any spots at all (lucky fish!!). The white spot appears to have gone finally but I will be treating the water for the next week and will then stop and do frequent water changes just to be sure it's gone! No way I want that again!

I mentioned already, I didn't have a hospital tank so when I got new fish I'd pop them in with the rest! As I learnt, this is not great! SOOOO I set up a hospital/quarantine tank which is great!

As this was going on, I found out my catfish should not be kept on his own so my plan was to give the fish back to the shop I got him from. I was worried though that even though he didn't have visible signs of white spot that he could still have it. I didn't want to infect other tanks so I hung on to him. After cycling the hospital tank I got 3 more oto catfish. I kept them in there for 2 weeks and added them to the main tank yesterday. They didn't do too much when I added them but I wasn't worried. Today I looked at them and GUESS WHAT! All four of them are swimming together in a group!! I was SOOOO HAPPY TO SEE IT!!!

I plan to get platys next! just 3 or 4! I will quarantine them like i did with the catfish! After that I'm not sure what I'm going to get but I like colour! Lots and lots of colour!

Anyway, that's the happy update! No losses in weeks! My remaining fish appear to have recovered well and I'm very happy with my tank!!!

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I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well.
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Good to hear. You're a lot more cheerful than I would be. I hope my tank works out without problem. Because if it goes crazy on me and I have problems I will put it in the back yard and target practice if I encounter issues such as yours and others here have had.
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It's always nice to see people succeeding with help from this forum, I am another product of that for sure!
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If you run into problems don't give up!! It's definitely worth holding in there. I was going to throw in the towel at one point and I'm glad I didn't! Of course I couldn't have done it without the people on this forum, I have learnt so much from everyone and hope to stay in fish keeping for a long time!
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